First Flight

RMGC 2023 Invitational Net

Pos. Players To Par Total Purse
    Net Net  
1 Bryson, Greg + Smith, Bradford–Low Gross -11 61 $50.00
2 Snyder, Tom + Snyder , Matt -8 64 $50.00
3 Morneau, Don + Baptist, David -5 67 $40.00
4 Tallon, Chris + Cambiaso, Ignacio -4 68 $30.00
5 Mitchell, Curtis + Voigt, Rick -4 68 $20.00
6 Amos, Dallas + Mullally, Ben -3 69 $10.00
7 Canterbury, Wayne + Buck, Dustin -1 71 $0.00
8 Linden, Mark + Folk, Jim 1 73 $0.00
Second Flight        
Pos. Players To Par Total Purse
    Net Net  
1 Brasch, Fred + Brasch, Sammy -9 63 $50.00
2 Pingatore, Jim + Pingatore, Matt -6 66 $40.00
3 Ikard, B. + Gaoiran, A. -6 66 $30.00
4 Benson, Chuck1 + Dawson, K. -4 68 $20.00
5 Roath, Stephen + Roath, Dave -4 68 $10.00
6 O’Dea, Ed + Cochrane , Michael -4 68 $0.00
7 Fitzgerald, Alan + Barrington, Michael -3 69 $0.00
8 Kim, Moo W + Kim, Joseph -2 70 $0.00
Third Flight        
Pos. Players To Par Total Purse
    Net Net  
1 Yamamoto, Stan + Fong, Alex -10 62 $50.00
2 Cannon, Darrell + Cannon, Dave -6 66 $40.00
3 Schloss, James + Schloss, Clayton -4 68 $30.00
4 Kutler, Jay + Mathews, Don -3 69 $20.00
5 Jennings, David + Evans, Jim -3 69 $10.00
6 Shaffer, Jonathan + Condeff, Rick -2 70 $10.00
7 Broxham, Bill + Everett, Dan E 72 $0.00
8 Soo Hoo, James + Soo Hoo, John E 72 $0.00
Fourth Flight        
Pos. Players To Par Total Purse
    Net Net  
1 Dunn, Matthew + Buscovich, Tom -10 62 $50.00
2 Denniston, Thomas + Grotts, John -3 69 $40.00
3 Van Slyke, Peter + Moran, Andrew -3 69 $30.00
4 Savnik, Barry + Schiesser, Hans -3 69 $20.00
5 Gschwend, Jim + Gschwend, Michael -3 69 $10.00
6 Iacullo, Pat + Iacullo, Jason 1 73 $0.00
7 Kent, John + Reigle, Denny 2 74 $0.00
8 Weinstein, Stephen + Westgate, Ronald 6 78 $0.00
Fifth Flight        
Pos. Players To Par Total Purse
    Net Net  
1 Gould, Gregory + Lane, Stephan -10 62 $50.00
2 Moore, John + Bradley , James -9 63 $40.00
3 Hastings, Art + Hastings, Nathan -9 63 $30.00
4 Poulin, Daniel + Basile, Bob -8 64 $20.00
5 Kahn, Mark + Fahrernkrog, Alan -5 67 $10.00
6 Mancini, David + Hollinghead, Michael -4 68 $0.00
7 Keeley, Bill + Quinn, Mike 2 74 $0.00
Total Purse Allocated: $810.00      
Pos. Players To Par Total Purse
    Gross Gross  
1 Bryson, Greg + Smith, Bradford -3 69 $50.00
2 Amos, Dallas + Mullally, Ben -3 69 $0.00
3 Pingatore, Jim + Pingatore, Matt -2 70 $0.00
4 Cannon, Darrell + Cannon, Dave -1 71 $0.00
5 Brasch, Fred + Brasch, Sammy E 72 $0.00
6 Snyder, Tom + Snyder , Matt E 72 $0.00
7 Morneau, Don + Baptist, David E 72 $0.00
8 Tallon, Chris + Cambiaso, Ignacio 1 73 $0.00
9 Mitchell, Curtis + Voigt, Rick 1 73 $0.00
10 Yamamoto, Stan + Fong, Alex 3 75 $0.00
11 Benson, Chuck1 + Dawson, K. 4 76 $0.00
12 Moore, John + Bradley , James 4 76 $0.00
13 Ikard, B. + Gaoiran, A. 4 76 $0.00
14 Roath, Stephen + Roath, Dave 5 77 $0.00
15 Canterbury, Wayne + Buck, Dustin 6 78 $0.00
16 Dunn, Matthew + Buscovich, Tom 6 78 $0.00
17 Gould, Gregory + Lane, Stephan 6 78 $0.00
18 Poulin, Daniel + Basile, Bob 7 79 $0.00
19 Linden, Mark + Folk, Jim 7 79 $0.00
20 Savnik, Barry + Schiesser, Hans 7 79 $0.00
21 Leong, Chuck + Siegle, Phil 7 79 $0.00
22 Schloss, James + Schloss, Clayton 7 79 $0.00
23 O’Dea, Ed + Cochrane , Michael 8 80 $0.00
24 Fitzgerald, Alan + Barrington, Michael 8 80 $0.00
25 McDonnell, John + Charrette, Tyler 9 81 $0.00
26 Hastings, Art + Hastings, Nathan 9 81 $0.00
27 Kim, Moo W + Kim, Joseph 9 81 $0.00
28 Kutler, Jay + Mathews, Don 11 83 $0.00
29 Dort, George + Bates, Roger 11 83 $0.00
30 Jennings, David + Evans, Jim 11 83 $0.00
31 Shaffer, Jonathan + Condeff, Rick 12 84 $0.00
T32 Broxham, Bill + Everett, Dan 12 84 $0.00
T32 Gschwend, Jim + Gschwend, Michael 12 84 $0.00
34 Iacullo, Pat + Iacullo, Jason 13 85 $0.00
35 Mancini, David + Hollinghead, Michael 13 85 $0.00
36 Van Slyke, Peter + Moran, Andrew 14 86 $0.00
37 Teague, Michael + Smith, Patrick 14 86 $0.00
38 Soo Hoo, James + Soo Hoo, John 14 86 $0.00
39 Kent, John + Reigle, Denny 15 87 $0.00
40 Denniston, Thomas + Grotts, John 15 87 $0.00
41 Kahn, Mark + Fahrernkrog, Alan 15 87 $0.00
42 Kelly, Patrick + Ogden, Rich 17 89 $0.00
43 Keeley, Bill + Quinn, Mike 19 91 $0.00
44 Weinstein, Stephen + Westgate, Ronald 23 95 $0.00
NS Scott-Morgan, Marcus L + Warren, Daniel L NS $0.00
NS Macchia, Isaac M + Harrah, Brent L NS $0.00
NS Shaw, John + Schwab, Bob NS $0.00
NS Gedeon, Stanley + Aslinger, Chuck NS $0.00
NS Simon, JP + Blaauw, Steve NS $0.00

2022 Invitational Member Guest


It was certainly worth the 2 year wait to have the relaunch of the Rossmoor Invitational. Cool and windy weather didn’t dampen the competitive and fun juices of the 40 teams. What I loved were the 4, yes 4 father son or family teams. Some day I hope to play in this event with my son.

Wine, beer and booze flowed everywhere on the Stanley Dollar course. On number 10, Sal Contreas of Mike’s Auto Body provided wine to anyone hitting a tee ball inside the 20 foot circle.


Not to be outdone, “cartman” Dickey Nitta of VIP golf also hosted wine if the tee shot stayed in the circle along with the always available, mai tai cocktails in an almost sports bar setting on hole 16.. Only thing missing was the opportunity to buy a few lap dances!!

Speaking of par 3’s- our Rossmoor members , who are also pin seekers for the day, were recognized with $15 pro shop credits for their respective closest to the pin shots. Here were the results:

Hole 2- Dante, I walk a million miles golfing, Marchetti.

Hole 4- George, watch me fly again, Dort.

Hole 14- Chuck, I’m always winning something, Leong

Hole 16- Ed, All Day, O’Dea.


Unique to our event is both true handicap teams and also Callaway scoring teams all playing in one event. Thank God for the golf genius software, that somehow in some cloud helps Brent and Mark figure out the actual scores, otherwise we’d still be there waiting results. So speaking of winners and almost winners, let’s get to it. Yea I know you’ve already seen the “dry” golf genius results, but here’s the real juice of the event.


Callaway Flight

New to Rossmoor and a newbie to the Invitational, the father-son team of Moo Kim and son Joe Kim posted a smooth 64 and did a Korean victory dance at the event center. Moo also took luck into his own hands and won a wedge in one of the raffles.

Net Flights

These flights are were the cream rises to the top and handicap chairman run for cover in many instances. No exception to that remark at Rossmoor. So here we go:

Flight 4. The “Dominator” aka G squared, Greg Gould and his Blackhawk ringer guest, Lane Stephen took home the bacon with the win. Speaking of winning, Greg was exhausted walking up to the raffle tables to get his NUMEROUS bottles of wine!

Flight 3. No one in this flight could relax as scoring was a real shoot out for the 9 handicap bandit teams in the flight. A net 62 from Jae “quiet man” Shin and his son Andrew posted the low net score of the entire Invitational.


Flight 2 This flight had more dangerous handicap teams than a horror movie. Bringing a Round Hill CC handicap stud as his guest, Jim, “is this a skin game” Gschwend and his guest Scott Tachiera, claimed first place pro shop money to their bank accounts. Not to be out done with skill and luck, Scott wins the 3 wood in the raffle and will probably go on the celebrity tour with it.

Flight 1. Known as the low “cap” flight there were again 9 teams that all could easily have won the flight. However, there can only be one winner and that went to the team of Chris Berg and King Lip.


Gross Flight. Unlike in past years where I could expect only 2 teams that could win this flight, this year Draft Kings odds posted a legitimate scenario of 5 possible teams having the scoring power to pull out a victory.

The 2019 defending Invitational team of Curtis Mitchell and Rick, “I want another trophy” Voigt knew they had to bring their A+ game to the tee box, and when the fat lady did her final song, she called out the Mitchell-Voigt team as repeat champions. Their 72 gross was 1 shot lower than the teams of Snyder & Koch, Wheeler & “Dawk” Dawkins and Berg & Lip. 


Thanks to all you guys for making this a GREAT start to the rebirth of the Invitational. As I hand off the chairmanship to the 2023 RMGC President Greg Gould, I leave with a big smile as I remember all the laughs and banter of the day.


See ya

Chuck Moran

2022 One Year Only Invitational Chairman


Random Memories

2022 Invitational Results

 RMGC Recognizes Invitational Sponsors

The RMGC Board and Invitational committee want to give a HUGE “shout out” to our 2022 Invitational sponsors. Without their generous financial support, the committee would nit be able to offer the quality tournament to our members and their guests.

Comcast/Xfinity is our Platinum sponsor for the 4th consecutive year. Their tent on tee #1 will be staffed by Xfinity personnel, headed by their Rossmoor manager, Guada Tan. Their grand prize raffle gift will be a $550 driver, along with many other golf items will be in their raffle.

There are 2 Gold Plus sponsors this year. Creekside Grill is offering their signature hamburger platter to all participants with Stan Gedeon doing the grilling for lunch, with a prime rib dinner as part of their sponsorship. Terry Tallen of Rossmoor Retail Partners, our other gold plus sponsor, is providing their own raffle of golf products, with their grand prize drawing being a $300, 3 wood.

VIP Golf Services, headed by Dickey Nitta is our Gold sponsor. Serving their own style Mai Tai on tee box #16 will certainly make for a festive stop for all the participants.

Mike’s Auto Body is our Silver sponsor. From their traditional spot on the par 3 tenth hole, Sal Contreas and his crew will provide a bottle of wine to all the skilled golfers who get their tee shot inside the circle.

Other sponsors are Kyle Dawson of Golden Rain Lending who provided the funds for the All Player Raffle. As a new sponsor, the committee hopes he will continue sponsorship in 2023. Range balls for warm up will be provided by Chuck Benson of Berkshire Hathaway and again we hope he will continue his sponsorship in 2023.

When possible, please consider supporting these sponsors by using their services or products throughout the year.

RMGC Invitational Registration Update

The Invitational sign up will be on line by April 24. Please read this entire email which will answer many questions as well as make your registration go more smoothly.

The Invitational field will be limited to 36 teams with a wait list if needed. There will be a minimum of 3 flights- Gross best ball team score flight- a net best ball of the team score flight(s)- a callaway team score flight(s).

The team entry fee is $300 ($150 pp). The RMGC member has the option to pay the full entry fee, OR have the guest pay his share. The choice can be made during the initial registration process. The registration sign up page will have many new options this year. Team members can play from individually pre selected tees. Each players handicap will be adjusted accordingly for the net flight competition and the callaway flight. Teams that want to compete for the GROSS score championship will be required to play from the WHITE tees for both players. The low gross team will be presented with the championship trophy at the evening awards ceremony.

There will be a separate link for the guest’s information. The member will need to get the information from his guest and fill out the form. Be sure to include his GHIN number. If your guest DOES NOT have a GHIN, leave the GHIN number block EMPTY and just click the no GHIN number tab. The team will be placed in a callaway flight. The guest can play from his pre selected tees.

Team members can pick up their tee prizes and tournament information packet at the Creekside pro shop starting at 10:30. Each team member will receive a dozen logo Callaway Chrome Soft balls. On the registration form, each player can also choose either a Rossmoor golf hat or a Rossmoor golf towel. A sample of each can be seen at the pro shop. Each team member, as part of the entry fee will receive an all player raffle ticket. Winning ticket holders can pick up their prize at the event center after play.

Range balls will be provided courtesy of Chuck Benson of Berkshire Hathaway Reality. Lunch will be provided starting at 11 am with grill master Stan cooking his awesome hamburgers with all the fixings. If a cart is required for a team, be sure to note it on the registration form and pay for it at the pro shop prior to the start of the tournament. There will be a shot gun start at 12:30. Dinner will be at the event center where the RMGC will provide an open bar for everyone. Dinner will be a cut of prime rib with vegetables and dessert. Advise Chuck Moran by email if a player requests an alternative dinner or lunch menu item.

This year the Invitational will host many sponsors who will be on selected tees. Be sure to stop by and say hello to each sponsor’s personnel. In addition to the tee sponsors, our Platinum sponsor, Comcast/Xfinity will again offer a premium raffle of golf equipment, clothing and accessories, with the grand prize being a $500 driver. A new gold plus sponsor, Rossmoor Retail Partners is also providing a $250 3 wood as part of the raffle. Each team member can buy the raffle tickets at the first tee or at registration or at the dinner. Raffle tickets will be 1 for $10, 3 for $20 or 7 for $40. What makes the raffle unique is you may select to put as many of your tickets in selected bins to increase your odds of winning the driver, 3 wood, or other prizes.

Looking forward to seeing everyone and having a great time at this year’s Invitational. Contact Chuck Moran, tournament chairman at or text or call, 843-870-4717 if there are additional questions.

Mitchell/Voight 2016

The Pingatore’s