Happy Hackers Information for Creekside Scramble

If you are a paid member, you will be sent a link from Golf Genius when registration opens for the Scramble
  1. Click the link
  2. Sign up as a single, twosome.  The pro shop will pair golfers to create foursomes and assign tee times the day before the tournament.
  3. Use your credit card to pay the fee online through Golf Genius.
  4. GG sends you a pending registration.
  5. When registration closes, you will receive a confirmed email and your credit card will be charged.  There are no refunds.


Happy Hackers Scramble Format

Men drive from RED tee box                                              Women drive from GOLD tee box

Format: All players tee off and a shot is selected. The player who hit the selected shot marks the ball and picks up. The other players hit their second shot from within one club length of the mark and no nearer the hole. The player whose second shot is selected sits out the third shot; and so on until the ball is on the green. Easy to remember: If your shot is selected, mark the spot, pick up your ball and let everyone else hit. Once on the green, everyone gets to putt, including the player who hit the last shot onto the green.

On the putting green, place your ball within 3 inches of the mark, no nearer the hole. All players gets one putt. If everyone misses, pick up and add an additional stroke (two putts total) to your score, and continue on to next hole.

In placing the ball, you may not change the condition of the shot. If the chosen ball is in a penalty area, bunker or rough, all members of the team must play their shot from that condition. Course penalty rules apply as noted in the rules book available in the Pro shop.

Each team must use at least two of each player’s drives. Indicate on the scorecard which player’s drive was used. If your team has three players, then each player hits every shot and three of each players drives are used.

A ball is on the green when any part of the ball touches the putting green.

Play at a pace to complete the course in 2 hr and 15 min (average 15 minutes per hole). Be aware of your effect on other foursomes and as a courtesy, skip a hole and take a 3 over par if you have become a bottleneck.