Rossmoor Women’s 18-Hole Golf Club



Rossmoor Women’s 18-Hole Golf Club



Rossmoor Women’s 18-Hole Golf Club





Rossmoor Women’s 18-Hole Golf Club




Rossmoor Women’s 18-Hole Golf Club



Rossmoor Women’s 18-Hole Golf Club

No report available from Del Poirier’s year as captain.


As an inexperienced Captain, I was scared of the position at the beginning of the year.  But I had confidence that there were many experienced people who were willing to help.  It was very busy throughout the year to read pass years records, refill positions, and train inexperienced Board Members and get training myself from ex-Captains, and oversaw month to month events.  I accomplished and understood so much about the golf game and, most of all, I met so many nice people that I am glad I took the position.

Co-Captain    Betty Cuniberti announced leaving Rossmoor as of April 30.  Margo Dutton was nominated to complete Betty’s term.

Secretary      Linda Scheffer, Betty Bowles respectfully recorded and submitted for Linda Scheffer from January through April monthly board meetings.  Carolyn Riding was nominated and took over the position in October 2015.

Treasurer       Sil Jung finished the financial report through June.  Olivia took over the treasurer position.  The December 2015 Financial report had $4,983.56 cash on hand to carry forward to 2016.  The balance was $2097.73 from various tournaments.

No increase in membership dues in 2016.

The WGANC regional rules seminar was discontinued in 2016.

Nancy Groswird resigned as Handicap Chair and replaced by Pat Deisem.

Launch the Season      Bari Mantel chaired for the second year in the Event Center.  72 people attended and were charged $5.00 per person for food.  Several display tables were set up:  Welcoming Tables in the lobby, Handicap/Rules, Team Play, Tournament, Membership, Webmaster, and Open Day.  Sally Tomlinson introduced Jr. Girl’s Golf Program.  The club donated $500 to WGANC for the Jr. Girls Golf program.

Membership     There were 126 total memberships in 2015.  Active members were 117, and 13 new members had joined in 2015.  Linda Pingatore prepared the new Members Handbook.  With regard to who is eligible for membership, Article III, section 1 of the Rossmoor Women’s 18-Hole Golf Club By- Laws, states: “Membership shall consist of women residing in Rossmoor, who have made application and paid dues within the prescribed period”.  There were several non-residing players who took advantage to play in Rossmoor Women’s 18-Hole Club.  In accordance with a decision by the Board, Linda sent the advisement letters to those non-residing players.

Linda arranged Thursday lunches after golf in the Fairway Room, ordering from the Creekside menu and collected money.  Some people brought their own lunch to promote the fellowship.  A set-up fee of $20 was charged each time.  There were seven Thursday social lunches with 20 to 35 participants each time after golf in 2015.

Invitational Tournament     Pat Taylor chaired the tournament.  The theme was Tee Off in Wonderland, and was successful.

Tournament   Kay Doyle prepared the monthly sign-up binder for four tournaments in advance.  Cost of Chip-in was increased to $.50 and Eclectic and Birdie were $4.00 each.  The disqualifications issue was discussed and resulted in following new standing rule: “The Tournament chair may use discretion in applying the penalty (4 ½ hour rule) in extenuating circumstance”.  The Board approved the rule and let the tournament chairs decide how to apply it.                       

Golf Advisory Committee    GRB approved Mary Hufford for a two year term as GRF Golf Advisory Liaison and Chair of GAC.

HIO     There were nine members who made Holes-In-One in 2015; Helen Choi, Karen Romack, Jean Carroll twice, Garnet Shelly, Jane Lee, Joanne Kim, Sue fleck, and Marcia Belcher.          

Handicap Tournament      There was a discussion about the inexperience some members display regarding the rules and etiquette of golf, the necessity to count strokes accurately, and the differences in scoring between stroke and match play.  Mark was asked to give a refresher lesson and hand-out on match play before the 2016 Handicap Tournament.  Also it was suggested that players ride as singles during the matches.

Championship Tournament     There was an error in the scoring for the non-championship flights after the match completion.  There should have been two net winners and in error only one was announced.  The board agreed to respect the wishes of the player whose name had been inadvertently left out of the awards announcement and not report the error in the newspaper.  The web site was changed to include both net winners and was credited $20.00 to her account in the pro shop.

Rules   Peggy Yamada plans to post a “Rule of the Month” on the 18ers Bulletin Board.              

Webmaster     Claudia Terry put a sample scorecard on the website.  She reported we may lose our current Webmaster and might need to secure an alternative.  Possible to have new expenses to finding an outside webmaster.     

Team Play      Diablo Team Play came in about 5 in the standings.  East Bay Team Play was third on the Accumulative Score Sheet.

Board Lunch      Was given by the current captain to thank everyone for a successful 2015.  It was held at Three Brothers from China.  Two banquet tables with eight courses of authentic Chinese dishes each table. 

Holiday Lunch       Was held on December 3 in the Event Center.  The treasurer was  given $1000 for the Holiday Lunch to reduce the entry fee at $14.00 per person.  This money came from profits of Sassy Sixty, Invitational, Team Play, Blue and White, and Guest Day. The Board presented $50 cash per person to five pro shop staff and one golf course superintendent for their service in 2015.  The new board was introduced and the gavel passed onto Margo Dutton, 2016 Captain.

Match play Champion for 2015 Gail Ramirez

Stroke Play Champion for 2015 Grace Nitta   

No report available from Margo Dutton’s year as captain.
2017 CAPTAIN’S REPORT – Teddi Swanson

  • 2017 began the year with record rain. The course was closed many days in February at least half the month. Mark Heptig reported we had 33.44 inches 2016-2017. Nine large trees were lost and Hole 16 bathroom was damaged. There were 836 rounds of golf played in Feb 2017 as compared to 4,450 in February 2016.
  • Events: Launch the Season had 76 participants chaired by Bari Mantel. Spring Fling, the annual event with Niners and 18ers playing together had Marlene Seffern, Jacky Dunn and Judy Fletcher chairing this very successful event. DVTP hosted teams at Rossmoor. Guest Day 1 chaired by Robin Moreau and Bari Mantel with a La Fiesta theme was a fun day of golf. Rules Seminar chaired by Joyce McCann and Theresa Kim provided interesting rules information to the Niners and 18ers. EBTP hosted team play at Rossmoor. Invitational chaired by Mary Hufford with the theme Pretty in Pink had a participation of 112 for the 25th annual invitational. Guest Day 2 was chaired by Pil Choo with a Hawaiian theme. Blue and White Tournament was chaired by Cletia Bowron and Vanida Nalamlieng. Swingin’ Seniors, a WGANC event for 70 and older, was held at Rossmoor and Orinda. Halloween Bash was the orange ball tournament. Holiday Party was chaired by Del Poirier and the outgoing board was honored as well as Club Champion, Most Improved Player, and Handicap Champion. In addition, the grounds crew were invited to attend, and they came to the front of the meeting to receive a standing ovation.
  • Handicap Tournament was won by Olivia Hsueh.
  • Club Championship was won by Joyce McCann
  • Classic Tournament was won by Pat Deisem and Teddi Swanson
  • Charm winner was Pat Deisem
  • Most Improved golfer was Joyce McCann
  • Holes in One were had by Nancy Groswird and Yuko Tsang
  • East Bay Team Play came in 8th this year. They had 13 play days.
  • Diablo Valley team Play was net runner up and 4th for gross. They had 10 play days.
  • Membership at the close of the year was 129
  • Board Luncheon was sponsored by Soonee Kim at Ohgane Korean BBQ
  • Bylaws were changed with a vote approval at the Launch the Season meeting. Changes involved deleting events that the club no longer conducts, such as Charity Day, as well as changing nominating committee to three in lieu of five. WGANC Ambassador was replaced by GAC rep and co-captain is no longer responsible for orientation of new members as this is the job of membership.
  • Decision was made to stay with WGANC as a member club
  • Club dues for 2018 will be raised to $40
  • All in all, a very busy and active fun year.
No report available from Joan Munn’s year as captain.

2019 Captain’s Report – Denise Pratt

First off, I have to say this was a position I would have never signed up for on my own. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed my year as Captain. There were many days I questioned my ability to do the job, but there was always someone there to help and encourage me. I have so much appreciation for the position and the board. It was a wonderful year.

The season started with a couple of rain outs, but finally took off and finished great. Our participation was up, averaging 31-32 players each week. Diablo Team Play was suspended this year. Due to so many DTP and EBTP conflicting dates, illnesses and injuries, we were unable to field both teams throughout the year. We will address the possibility of rejoining sometime in the future.

In November Claudia Terry and I attended the NCGA Club Officer Meeting to learn about the new World Handicap System (WHS), the NCGA Member Management System (MMS) and the NCGA Club Ambassador Program. After the initial learning curve, I’m sure these new programs will be advantageous to all.

In December, Del Poirier and Gail Ramirez hosted the Holiday Luncheon and Soonee Kim hosted an incredible lunch at Ohgane Korean BBQ for the Board.

Brent Mulanax was such a help to the 18ers in 2019. It was a pleasure to work with him. We look forward to working with Jacque Vigil in 2020.

I would like to thank the board for their hard work to make this year successful:

Theresa Kim, Myra Belfiore, Marian Handy, Teddi Swanson, Del Poirier, Toni Snyder, Robin Moreau, Daisy Soo Hoo, Mary Hufford, Claudia Terry, Joyce McCann, Stella Chan and Joan Munn and Cletia Bowron.

And to all the volunteers: Gail Ramirez, Linda Davis, Mary Jane Keifer, Joanne Brennan, Olivia Hsueh, Linda Ingalls, Cletia Bowron, Joan Baggett. Please forgive me if I left your name out.

Winners for 2019

  • Club Champion: Darlene Martel
  • Handicap Champion: Agnes Shin
  • Charm Winner: Joanne Brennan
  • Blue & White: White Team
  • Most Improved: Nancy Park (21.4-18.3)
  • Classic Tournament: Gail Ramirez and Agnes Shin
  • EBTP: Final Gross-300 pts 13th place and Final Net-312.5 pts 14th place
  • Holes in One: Agnes Shin, Joan Munn, Janet Choi and Teddi Swanson

It is my recommendation that Club dues be increased to $50 for 2021.



Rossmoor Women’s 18-Hole Golf Club

No report available from Theresa Kim’s year as captain.

2021 Year in Review – Captain’s Report – Janice Davis

The year started much like 2020 ended. COVID-19 continued to overshadow life and dictate what activities could be held, and how they could be made safe. With reports that vaccinations would be coming soon, optimism abounded and we hoped to be back to golf as usual. However, that didn’t quite happen.

January – Board Meeting was on Zoom. We decided to pay for a year subscription as social distancing was required and in-person meetings not possible. Teddi Swanson became a Member-at-Large on the GAC, filling a sudden vacancy. We now have two members sitting on GAC, Mary Hufford and Teddi.

February – We were unable to have the Launch the Season as no indoor gatherings were allowed. Contra Costa dropped out of EBTP as they were not allowed to have outside play. Mark Heptig was not sure whether we would be required to have only one person to a cart when EBTP is played here. We made two donations to Youth on Course last year and were notified this month that the commemorative bricks had been ‘planted’ around the Poppy Ridge Golf Shop.

March – First General Membership Meeting was held virtually. There were 29 in attendance. We had 102 members and adopted the Resident Sponsored Guest program. Jacque Vigil, Pro Shop liaison, clarified the new Combo Tees which will be allowed for regular play days.

April – First EBTP match at Berkeley (against Claremont). Men’s Club bought the expensive Golf Genius upgrade and we debated the need to have so many functions and much concern over the cost. We were allowed to use their membership free of charge during the trial year.

May – On May 6 we held our annual Charity Tournament. This year benefitted the Bay Area Rescue Mission and brought in over $4,000.00. I was treated to play in the Bay Area Rescue Mission Charity Tournament (here in Rossmoor) with a member each from the Men’s Club, 9ers and Happy Hackers. We began using online scoring through Golf Genius as the Men’s Club was already paying for it and the Pro Shop encouraged it.

June – Toni Snyder, Membership Chair, reported that we had 111 members. Joan Binnings became the Handicap Tournament Champion.

July – Following the Blue and White tournament, the first General Meeting was held. It was the first in-person meeting of the year! Denise Pratt developed a new (hopefully ongoing) tournament for July called the Flag Tournament: lots of fun. July 29 we hosted EBTP. Mark mentioned that there is a serious supply chain issue due to COVID and many items are difficult to get, if at all. Joyce McCann continued to do “The Rules Corner” with great lessons on the Rules of Golf. Laura Kim and Denise Pratt continued in-person sessions with the members teaching the GG Mobile app.

Although she had been at Rossmoor for a year, due to COVID restrictions, the General Meeting was the first opportunity Jacque Vigil had to speak to the group. Pace of Play improvement was discussed.

August – I attended the Activities Council informational meeting. Rossmoor has over 200 Clubs so this meeting is very helpful in learning how to reserve rooms for club events.

September – Claudia Terry won the Club Championship. MaryAnn Higgins and Marlene Seffern made final plans for the ‘Mini Invitational. As we had not been able to hold Guest Days this year, and it was too difficult to plan for a full Invitational, we decided to have the final Guest Day of the year be a Mini Invitational. It was an amazing event.

October – The Board met at Stella’s for a casual meeting and social hour. The Board decided that we would have a wine social with the incoming Board next month. As there were so many functions during the holiday season, we decided to not have the annual Board luncheon.

November – The new Board was voted in and we held a meet and greet social with the incoming and outgoing Board. This was a fun event and will hopefully become an annual event. We were introduced to BlueGolf as the new platform for tournaments and scoring which will replace GolfGenius. Several of us attended the online seminars. With all the new technology, a Tech Committee became necessary and Laura Kim will chair this new Committee. After consideration we decided that BlueGolf needed more work and we would continue to use Golf Genius. Agnes Shin won the Charm Tournament.

December – Del Poirer and Olivia Hsueh chaired the lovely Holiday Luncheon. Joanne Brennan provided whimsical table decorations of Nutcrackers. Awards were presented, including Most Improved, which went to Judy Moran, and the gavel was turned over to incoming Captain, Daisy Soo Hoo.

Thank you for a wonderful year! Janice Davis 2021 Captain