Club Champion – Joyce McCann

Handicap Champion – Lynda Pritchett

Charm Winner – Jane Lee 

WGANC Net Awards pin winners:
1st flight – Joanne Kim – 206/68.7 points
2nd flight – Jane Lee – 205/68.3 points
3rd flight – Joanne Brennan – 217/72.3 points
4th flight – Marcia Belcher – 225/75 points

Chip-in winners:
3-way tie: Gail Ramirez, Robin Moreau, Joan Munn – 3 chip-ins each

Low Gross – Theresa Kim – 80
Low Net – Marcia Belcher – 53

Eclectic 1st Flight Low Gross – Grace Nitta – 83
1st place Low Net – Joanne Kim – 64
2nd place Low Net – Olivia Hsueh – 67
3rd place Low Net – Chong Harney – 72
4th place Low Net – Claudia Terry – 74

Eclectic 2nd Flight Low Gross – Daisy Soo Hoo – 82
1st place Low Net – Jane Lee – 57
2nd place Low Net – Peggy Yamada – 60
3rd place Low Net – Nancy Groswird – 63
4th place Low Net – Pat Diesem – 63

Eclectic 3rd Flight Low Gross – Joanne Brennan – 92
1st place Low Net – Judy Fletcher – 54
2nd place Low Net – Shin Kim – 59
3rd place Low Net – Teddi Swanson – 62
4th place Low Net – Pat Taylor – 63

MOST IMPROVED PLAYER – Denise Pratt who went from a 34.8 to a 28.8 between November 1, 2017, and November 1, 2018. Congratulations, Denise!


Joyce McCann – Club Champion

Lynda Pritchett – Handicap Champion

Jane Lee – Charm Winner

Denise Pratt – Most Improved Player

On September 13, the final day of the 18er’s fifty-four hole club championship, Joyce McCann emerged as the winner with a low gross score of 247.  McCann was last year’s Club Champion and her name will be engraved again on the perpetual Championship trophy. Claudia Terry was the runner up in the championship flight with a low gross score of 259.
Following the matches the ladies gathered in the Creekside Club Room for lunch and awards presentation.  Chris Andres, Apprentice Golf Professional, announced the results:
First flight:
Grace Nitta low gross 265, Olivia Hsueh low gross 270, Joanne Kim low net 214
Second flight:
Agnes Shin low gross 283, Nancy Groswird low gross 292, Jane Lee low net 220
Third flight:
Robin Moreau low gross 315, Shin Kim low gross 318, Joanne Brennan low net 221
Payouts are as follows:
Champion $100, runner-up $60, first low gross $25, second low gross $15 and low  net $10.
Special thanks to Claudia Terry and her handicap committee of Janice Davis, Peggy Yamada, Margo Dutton, Pil Choo; Mark Heptig, Wayne Weckerlin and Chris Andres for all their planning and efforts.  Appreciation extended to Joyce McCann, Janice Davis and Chris Andres as the rules committee for the tournament and Del Poirier for organizing the cake, refreshments and flowers.

2018 East Bay Team Play & Diablo Valley Team Play Results

EBTP Gross Results

EBTP Net Results

DVTP Results


Robin Moreau & Bari Mantel – Winners Day 1

Claudia Terry & Vanida Nalamlieng – Winners Day 2

The best overall match play score of 13 for the first week was made by Robin Moreau and Bari Mantel.
Flight winners for week one:
Flight One: first place Grace Nitta and Joanne Jim 11 points; second place: Janet Choi and Juna Lee 10 points; third place (three way tie broken on the back nine):  Jane Lee and Sue Yoon 9.5 points.
Flight Two: first place Pat Deisem and Cletia Bowron 13 points; second place Joan Munn and Karen Romack 12.5 points; third place (three way tie broken on the back nine) Toni Snyder and Daisy Soo Hoo 9 points.
Flight Three:  first place Joan Brennan and Del Poirier 10 points; second place Peggy Yamada and Pat Taylor 9 points; third place Teddi Swanson and Gail Ramirez 8 points.
The second week stroke play best overall net score of 61 was shot by Claudia Terry and Vanida Nalamlieng.
Flight winners for week two:
Flight One:  first place Sue Yoon and Jane Lee net 63; second place Grace Nitta and Joanne Kim net 65; third place Janet Choi and June Lee net 68; third place
Flight Two:  first place Margo Dutton and Lynda Pritchett net 67; second place Sue Henricksen and Maryann Higgins net 68; third place Joan Baggett and Nancy Groswird net 68.
Flight Three:  first place Garnet Shelly and Yuko Tsang net 62; Del Poirier and Joanne Brennan net 63 and Peggy Yamada and Patricia Taylor net 67.

2018 HANDICAP TOURNAMENT – MAY 17, 22 & 24

Lynda Pritchett – 2018 Handicap Champion

Pat Deisem 4th, Jane Lee 3rd, Joan Baggett runner-up

Lynda Pritchett is 2018 Handicap Champion
Joan Baggett finished as Runner-Up.  
Third place went to Jane Lee.
Fourth place went to Pat Deisem. 
Other match winners:   Agnes Shin, Nancy Groswird, Robin Moreau, Peggy Yamada, Marian Handy, Shin Kim, Olivia Hsueh, Joan Munn, Garnet Shelly, Mary Hufford,  and Marcia Belcher.

SPRING FLING – April 5, 2018

Azalea Flight (1st)

1st place winners

Terry, Nitta, McDonnell, Simpson

2nd place winners

Marks, J. Kim, Hyde, Hsueh

3rd place winners

Mizono, Matsui, Shelly, Handy

Magnolia Flight (2nd)

1st place winners

Schwartz, Spiegelman, Affinito, Moreau

2nd place winners (tied)

Howells, Ruble, Young, Taylor

Yagle, Hamilton, Cucchiaro, Baker

3rd place winners (tied)

Geoghegan, Matthews, Artress, Hufford

Logsdon, Soo Hoo, McCorkle, Swanson

Jasmine Flight (3rd)

1st place winners

Poirier, Belcher, Hodge, Hall

2nd place winners

Iacullo, Mantel, Weisenberg, Mobberly

3rd place winners

Hensky, Casassa, Lynn

Firethorn Flight (4th)

1st place winners

Pierce, Bass, McCann, Yahng

2nd place winners

Zalesky, Jolley, Fletcher, Leong

3rd place winners

Dull, Niebur, Cheema, Hanley