2019 Year End Awards

Club Champion – Darlene Martel

Handicap Champion – Agnes Shin

Charm Winner – Joanne Brennan

WGANC pin winners for outstanding service:
Robin Moreau – 5 years as EBTP Captain
Del Poirier – many years as Social Chair
Claudia Terry – serving as both Handicap Chair and Website Coordinator

Chip-in winner:
Shin Kim – 5 chip-ins

Low Gross – Grace Nitta – 76
Low Net – Jayoung Lee – 57

Eclectic 1st Flight Low Gross – Janet Choi – 78
1st place Low Net – Joanne Kim – 58
2nd place Low Net – Daisy Soo Hoo – 60
3rd place Low Net – Olivia Hsueh – 62
4th place Low Net – Joan Munn – 64

Eclectic 2nd Flight Low Gross – Tony Snyder – 87
1st place Low Net – Joanne Brennan – 60
2nd place Low Net – Teddi Swanson – 60
3rd place Low Net – Pat Taylor – 63
4th place Low Net – Denise Pratt – 63

Eclectic 3rd Flight Low Gross – Shin Kim – 95
1st place Low Net – Char Gonzalez – 62
2nd place Low Net – Kathleen Young – 63
3rd place Low Net – Marlene Seffern – 64
4th place Low Net – Jacky Dunn – 64

MOST IMPROVED PLAYER – Nancy Park who went from a 21.4 to a 18.3 between November 1, 2018, and November 1, 2019. Congratulations, Nancy!

Darlene Martel

2019 Club Champion

Agnes Shin 

2019 Handicap Champion

WGANC pin winners

Robin Moreau

Claudia Terry

Del Poirier

Joanne Brennan

2019 Charm Winner

Nancy Park

2019 Most Improved

2019 Club Championship – September 5, 10 & 12

2019 Club Champion

Darlene Martel

Claudia Terry – Runner-Up

Daisy Soo Hoo * Linda Ingalls * Peggy Yamada

Garnet Shelly  * Jayoung Lee * Theresa Kim

The 18ers held the Club Championship, the last major of the year, over three days:  September 5, 10 and 12.  Darlene Martel emerged as the winner with a low gross of 248.  Her name will be engraved on the perpetual Championship trophy.  Claudia Terry was the runner-up in the championship flight with a low gross score of 252.
Following the matches the ladies gathered in the Fairway Room for lunch and awards presentation.  Brent Mulanax, Assistant Golf Professional, announced the results:
First flight:
Theresa Kim low net 221.
Second flight:
Daisy Soo Hoo first place low gross 276, Agnes Shin second place low gross 280, Ja Young Lee low net 214.
Third flight:
Peggy Yamada first place low gross 297, Laura Kim second place low gross 306, Aisoon Hong low net 226.
Fourth flight:
Linda Ingalls first place low gross 323, Teddi Swanson second place low gross 335, Garnet Shelly low net 235.
The 18ers thank Claudia Terry, Teddi Swanson, Del Poirier for organizing the tournament.  Appreciation to Brent Mulanax for organizing the groups and score tabulations. Claudia thanks her Handicap Committee of Pil Choo, Peggy Yamada (now retired from the committee), Daisy Soo Hoo, Margo Dutton, and Denise Pratt.
Congratulations to the 18ers for their participation in this challenging three-day event.


EBTP Final Gross

EBTP Final Net


Agnes Shin & Gail Ramirez – Classic Winners 2019

Linda Ingalls & Laura Kim – Winners 2nd Flight

tied with Shin Kim & Nancy Park (not pictured)

Joan Baggett & Theresa Kim – Winners 1st Flight

Kathleen Young & Pat Taylor – Winners 3rd Flight

Other Classic Winners

1st Flight 2nd Place – Peggy Yamada & Daisy Soo Hoo

1st Flight 3rd Place – Sue Yoon & Juna Lee

2nd Flight 2nd Place – Marian Handy & Teddi Swanson

3rd Flight 2nd Place – Pat Deisem & Karin Romak

3rd Flight 3rd Place – Marcia Belcher & Jayoung Lee

tied with Garnet Shelly & Esta Podberesky




Agnes Shin – Handicap Champion 2019
Claudia Terry – Runner-Up
Teddi Swanson – 3rd Place
Margo Dutton – 4th Place
Other Match Winners: Joyce McCann, Joan Baggett, Sue Yoon, Anna Kim, Daisy Soo Hoo, Theresa Kim, Joan Munn


Flight One: 
1st Place w/Net 57  Kathleen Young, Sandy Acker, Rebecca Paloma, Lauren Artress
2nd Place w/Net 58  Gail Ramirez, Del Poirier, Casey Dixon, Gisela Hendrickson
3rd Place w/Net 59  Robin Moreau, Denise Pratt, Linda Spiegelman, Sue Cannon
4th Place w/Net 60  Claudia Terry, Grace Nitta, Frances McDonnell, Vicki Simpson
Flight Two:
1st Place w/Net 57  Jean Moulaison, Carolyn Hensley, Joanne Kim, Jayoung Lee
1st Place w/Net 57 (tie)  Angela Logsdon, Elaine Matsui, Garnet Shelly, Peggy Yamada
2nd Place w/Net 61   Theresa Kim, Maureen Bettis, Susan Day, Toni Hessler
2nd Place w/Net 61 (tie)  Daisy Soo Hoo, Toni Snyder, Anne Phillips, Donna Sherman
Flight Three:
1st Place w/Net 55   Chun Kim, Olivia Hsueh, Carol Andreini-Hicks, Marcia Thomson
2nd Place w/Net 59   Margaret Hamilton, Lana Yagle, Frosty Anderson, Joyce Niebur
3rd Place w/Net 60   Linda Ingalls, Laura Kim, Robin Sewell, Kathleen Mininni
4th Place w/Net 62   Louise Chien, Marian King, Jackie Bateman, Pat Baker
4th Place w/Net 62 (tie)  Lou McCorkle, Jan Butsavich, Karen Larkin, Judith Ruble.