2022 Year-End Awards

Club Champion – Claudia Terry
Handicap Champion – Sunhi Kim
Charm Winner – Nancy Seol Park

Holes in One
Robin Moreau – Hole 10; Claudia Terry – Hole 10; Daisy Soo Hoo – Hole 10;
Theresa Kim – Hole 16; Claudia Terry – Hole 4

Birdie winners:
1st Claudia Terry – 18 birdies
2nd Theresa Kim – 10 birdies
3rd Joanne Kim – 9 birdies

Northern Pin Awards
Joan Binnings & Lana Yagle – for running Tournaments
Joyce McCann – for her Rules reports and initiating on-course rules workshops
MaryJean Kidd – for outstanding work on the budget and finance

Eclectic 2022
Overall Gross: Sunhi Kim – 75
Overall Net: Lauralee Barbaria – 54

Eclectic 1st Flight Low Gross – Claudia Terry – 76
1st place Low Net – Joanne Kim
2nd place Low Net – Sue Yoon
3rd place Low Net – Theresa Kim
4th place Low Net – Joan Binnings

Eclectic 2nd Flight Low Gross – Mae Marcotte – 79
1st place Low Net – Agnes Shin
2nd place Low Net – Marsha Jennings
3rd place Low Net – Joan Munn
4th place Low Net – Nancy Park

Eclectic 3rd Flight Low Gross – Jane Lee – 82
1st place Low Net – Char O’Neil; Joan Baggett
2nd place Low Net – Del Poirier
3rd place Low Net – Anna Kim; Ann Hamilton
4th place Low Net – Lana Yagle

Eclectic 4th Flight Low Gross – Soonee Kim – 88
1st place Low Net – Kathy Hunt
2nd place Low Net – Aisoon Hong; Jean Carroll
3rd place Low Net – Lynda Pritchett; Peggy Yamada
4th place Low Net – Gail Ramirez

Eclectic 5th Flight Low Gross – Jacky Dunn – 86
1st place Low Net – Betty Cuniberti; MaryJean Kidd
2nd place Low Net – Joanne Brennan
3rd place Low Net – Teddi Swanson
4th place Low Net – Myra Belfiore

Eclectic 6th Flight Low Gross – Char Gonzalez – 95
1st place Low Net – Donna Wagner
2nd place Low Net – Judy Fletcher
3rd place Low Net – Maryhelen Greaves
4th place Low Net – Lola Lantz

MOST IMPROVED PLAYER – Sunhi Kim who went from a 16.8 to a 13.6 between November 1, 2021, and November 1, 2022. Congratulations, Sunhi!

Claudia Terry – Club Champion
Sunhi Kim – Handicap Champion
Sunhi Kim – Most Improved Golfer
Nancy Seol Park – Charm Winner

East Bay Team Play Gross Standings

East Bay Team Play Net Standings


Claudia Terry – Club Champion        Runner-Up – Jayoung Lee

First Flight Low Net – Joanne Kim          Second Low Net – Sunhi Kim


Second Flight Low Gross – Daisy Soo Hoo           Second Low Gross – Joan Binnings

Second Flight Low Net – Judith Moran           Second Low Net – Sophia Kim


Third Flight Low Gross – Anna Kim             Second Low Gross – Linda Ingalls

Third Flight Low Net – Denise Pratt          Second Low Net – Robin Moreau


Combo Flight Low Gross – Nancy Park          Second Low Gross – Lynda Pritchett

Combo Flight Low Net – Jane Lee           Second Low Net – Teddi Swanson


2022 Club Champion – Claudia Terry

Teddi Swanson – Combos  2nd Low Net 

Nancy Park – Combos  1st Low Gross

Robin Moreau – 3rd Flight  2nd Low Net

Joanne Brennan



Joan Binnings – 2nd Flight Low Gross

Anna Kim – 3rd Flight Low Gross

Denise Pratt  –  3rd Flight Low Net  

Judy Moran – 2nd Flight Low Net




Jayoung Lee – Runner Up

Combo Flight

Lynda Pritchett – 2nd Low Gross

Jane Lee – 1st Low Net




Sunhi Kim – 2nd Low Net

Joanne Kim – 1st Low Net  

Claudia Terry – Champion

Jayoung Lee – Runner-Up



Second Flight

Daisy Soo Hoo – Low Gross

Sophia Kim – 2nd Low Net  

Judy Moran – 1st Low Net




First Flight

Jun Chao – Sue Yoon – Andrea Alpine




2022 Classic Tournament – August 4 & 11

2022 Classic Winners

Robin Moreau & Pil Choo

Second place winners

Jane Lee & Jayoung Lee

2022 Blue & White Tournament – July 7, 2022

White Team Winners!!


Sunhi Kim battled MaryJean Kidd in the Handicap Tournament and prevailed, earning her the title of 2022 Handicap Champion. With this win, she will receive a cash prize as well as her name engraved on the perpetual trophy. It all came down to the final hole. Sunhi and MaryJean went toe to toe and reached the 18th hole all even. Unfortunately for MaryJean, her approach shot found the greenside bunker, costing a stroke and ultimately loss of the tournament. Lynda Pritchett and Laura Kim’s match for third and fourth place went to Lynda.

Congratulations to all four players for their excellent play.

2022 Handicap Champ Sunhi Kim

2021 Handicap Champ Joan Binnings

MaryJean Kidd – Runner Up

Lynda Pritchett – Third Place

Laura Kim – Fourth Place



JUNE 1 & 2

Annie Oakley Flight Winners

Calamity Jane Flight Winners

Pearl Hart Flight Winners

Belle Star Flight Winners

Putting Contest Winners

Most Accurate Drives

Closest to the Pin on 16


Gayl – Laura – Tom – Raffle Sales!

Flight 1 Results

Marie – Midori – Ida – Bartenders

Flight 2 Results

Fashion Models!

Flight 3 Results