Championship Tournament Participants (Left to Right) 

Joyce McCann (4th Place), Janice Davis (3rd Place), Agnes Shin (Champion), Claudia Terry (5th Place)

Agnes Shin Wins 18ers’
Club Championship
On August 25, the final day of the 18ers’ toughest competition of the year, Agnes Shin won the 2016 Club Championship. The win puts Shin’s name on a perpetual Championship trophy, and she also receives a nice cash prize. Anybody who plays in this tournament understands that the winner truly earns the distinction and awards that come with it.
This tournament is fifty-four holes played for low gross score over three days. Shin shot a gross score of 266 to triumph over Grace Nitta’s 270 and Janice Davis’s 273. Nitta and Davis came in second and third, respectively, in the Championship flight. There is no net prize in the Championship flight.
In the First Flight, winners were: Theresa Kim, low gross, 274, Cletia Bowron, second low gross, 278, and Jane Lee, low net, 213. 
Second flight winners were: Joan Baggett, low gross, 297, Vanida Nalamieng, second low gross, 303, and Karin Romak, low net, 212.

2016 Handicap Championship Results

Janice Davis is 18ers 2016 Handicap Champion

A large field of golfers played in the 2016 18ers’ Handicap Tournament. The annual match-play championship is played in four rounds over two weeks.

The first round is the qualifying round. Based on that round of medal play, the field was divided into three flights. Three days of head-to-head match play followed. A consolation flight was played by those losing the early matches.

The final matches were played on May 26.

An exciting match for the Championship title was played by Janice Davis and Jane Lee. At the end of 18 holes, the match was tied, forcing the pair into sudden death in extra holes. The competitors tied holes 1, 2, and 3. Davis then won Hole 4, taking the title and Lee becoming runner up.

The Flight One winner was Theresa Kim with Gail Ramirez as runner up. In Flight Two the winner was Marcia Belcher and Helen Choi was the runner up. In the Consolation Flight Karin Romack was the winner, Janet Choi was second, and Ai Soon Hong was third.

Jane Lee won the “medalist” award by getting the lowest net score in the first day’s medal play.

Pat Deisem organized the four days of this tournament with the aid of Chris and Wayne from the pro shop and Grace Nitta organized the lunch that followed. Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

Handicap Tournament Winners and Runners Up (Left to Right) 

Helen Choi * Ai Soon Hong * Karin Romak * Medalist JANE LEE * Champion JANICE DAVIS * Janet Choi * Gail Ramirez * Theresa Kim * Marcia Belcher

18ers Eclectic Winners for 2016

The annual Eclectic Event is played each year with ladies trying to improve their score hole by hole over 6 different rounds of golf. 2016 had 65 ladies signed up to participate and improve their gross score and low net scores. The participants were put into 5 flights. Tied scores were broken by the USGA back nine score rules and handicaps were based on October 1st handicaps.


Winners were as follows:

First flight (11-21 handicap)

Low gross – Janice Davis 75

1st low net – Theresa Kim 56

2nd low net – Agnes Shin 57

3rd low net – Joan Munn 59

4th low net – Pat Deisem 61


Second flight (23-29 handicap)

Low gross – Olivia Hsueh 79

1st low net – Del Poirier 54

2nd low net – Karin Romak 58

3rd low net – Peg Yamada 62

4th low net – Soonee Kim 64


Third flight (30-33 handicap)

Low gross – Pat Taylor 84

1st low net – Garnet Shelly 62

2nd low net – Kay Doyle 66

3rd low net – Bari Mantel 66

4th low net – Teddi Swanson 69


Fourth flight (34-37 handicap)

Low gross – Joyce Brock 91

1st low net – Kathleen young 62

2nd low net – Marlene Seffern 64

3rd low net – Mo Mobberly 65

4th low net – Carole  Geoghegan 67


Fifth flight (37-40 handicap)

Low gross – Sheri Lenz 98

1st low net – Dorothy Mizono 61

2nd low net – Nancy Ringelstein 63

3rd low net – Aster Yamagata 63

4th low net – Judy Fletcher 64