Etiquette on the Course

GENERAL RULE: Consideration should be given to others on the course at all times.

  •  Be at the tee before your starting time.
  •  For safety sake, players should ensure that no one is standing close by or in a position tobe hit by the club, the ball or any stones, pebbles, twigs or the like when they make astroke or practice swing.
  •  Don’t play until the players in front are out of range.
  •  All players in a group should watch ball flight ̧ help with the pace and lost ball issues.
  •  On the teeing ground, a player should not tee her ball up until it is her turn to play.
  •  Shout out a warning if your ball might hit someone.
  •  Do not move, talk, make unnecessary noises or stand close to someone making a stroke,especially on the putting green.
  •  Players should not stand close to or directly behind the ball, or directly behind the holewhen a player is about to play.
  •  When attending the flagstick, do not stand where you are casting a shadow over thehole.
  •  Players should not stand on another’s line of putt or, when she is making a stroke, cast ashadow over her line of putt.
  •  Always play without delay and keep up with the group in front of you.
  •  If you have an open hole in front of you, invite faster players to play through.
  •  Repair divot holes and pitch marks.
  •  Smooth footprints in bunkers.
  •  Don’t drop clubs or the flagstick on the surface of the putting green.
  •  The first player to hole out is responsible for replacing the flagstick.
  •  Replace the flagstick carefully so as not to damage the edge of the holes.
  •  Players should remain on or close to the putting green until all other players in thegroup have holed out.
  •  In the case of a serious breach of etiquette, the Committee may disqualify a playerunder Rule 33-7.
  •  Refer to Section 1 Etiquette: Behavior on the Course in the USGA Rules of Golf foradditional information on this important aspect of the Game.

GOLF/Rules WNHGA Etiquette 1