The following is meant to inform players about simple ways to quicken pace of play. No one likes to be considered a slow player, nor do they want to feel rushed while enjoying a round a golf.

Approach Pace of Play as you would if you were going to someone’s home for dinner. If you arrive too early (or hit too soon), you rush your hostess (or the players ahead of you). On the other hand, if you arrive late, you have inconvenienced the other diners (or players behind you).

Either is rude – both indicate that you consider yourself to be more important than anyone else at dinner (or playing golf). These techniques may help quicken pace of play without rushing anyone.


  • Always be aware of the gap between you and the group ahead. There should not be more than half a hole open in front of you (or one shot depending on how far you hit the ball).
  • Get all items (tee, ball mark tools, and ball markers) ready before your round. Put some in your pocket
  • Carry a spare ball when a provisional may be necessary.
  • Don’t let conversations interfere with the order of play . . see number 1.
  • If you are driving, drop the passenger off at his/her ball and drive to your ball.
  • If you are the passenger, don’t wait for the driver to pick you up. Continue walking down the hole, until she catches up with you.
  • Don’t wait until after other players in your group have hit to begin preparing for your shot. Get the yardage, select a club and be ready as soon as it is your turn.
  • Never place a rake near another rake in a bunker. Locate the nearest rake and take it into the bunker with you before your shot.
  • If your next shot is a short wedge or a pitch to the green, also take your putter to your ball.<.li>
  • Line up your putt before it is your turn, so you are ready.
  • If you are the first to hole your putt, pick up the flag, so that you can replace it when the last player holes his/her putt.
  • Park carts on path between the green and shortest distance to the next tee. This applies to both pushcarts and driving carts.
  • Never park a pushcart in front of the green.. Always park to the side so you can easily grab it and
    start walking to the next hole.
  • Always record your score at the next tee. Never record your score at the green.
  • After your last hole, clear the green immediately. Don’t hold up scores or pack your bag until you have cleared the area.
  • Convey these tips to others in your group before and during the round if necessary.
  • Go to the 19th hole – now is the time for chatting and catching up on the news. Not on the course.