by Margo Dutton – Club Correspondent

The 18ers played a new game which everyone seemed to enjoy and understood the format.  “In the Bucket” is a net, best-ball four-person, team golf tournament format.

The team is comprised of Golfers A, B, C and D. Imagine on Hole 1 that A scores 5, B a 4, C a 7 and D and 6. B’s 4 is the best ball, so that is the team score. On Hole 2, B is eliminated from counting as the team score, because B had the low ball on the previous hole. (B still plays, his score just can’t be used). On the second hole, A has the best ball, so A is eliminated from contributing a score on the third hole. On hole 3, only C and D are eligible to contribute the team score. In this example C makes a 5 and D a 6. C’s 5 is the team score, but C is now eliminated from contributing the team score on the next hole. Which means that on Hole 4, Player D is all alone — Player D is in the bucket. D’s score must count on the fourth hole because D is the only player whose score is eligible to count. That’s a lot of pressure on one golfer! On hole 5, the rotation starts over and all four golfers on the team are eligible again.

Thank you to all who participated and were good sports with a new format!

Results are as follows:

First Flight: First place Janet Choi, Aisoon Hong, Nancy Park, Anna Kim net 62, second place Sue Yoon, Sophia Kim, Grace Nitta, Joyce Mccann net 62.

Second Flight: First place Joanne Kim, Juna Lee, Soonee Kim, Jane Lee net 64, second place Stella Chan, Marian Handy, Jenny Kim, Joanne Brennan net 56.


Birdies reported for October 7, 2021:

Nancy Park #6, Theresa Kim #13 and #15, Jayoung Lee #16, Grace Nitta #9, Mary Jean Kidd #16, Marva Nielson #4, Del Poirier #4