by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent

The 18ers Classic Tournament was held on August 16th and August 23rd.  The first week game was two person team match play.  One net better ball against the net better ball of the opponents for a team point.  The second week game was two person team stroke play.  One net best ball of the team against the other team’s net best ball.

Players gathered at the Event Center after play for lunch and were welcomed by Marcia Belcher, Classic Tournament Chair.
Chris Andres, Apprentice Golf Professional, worked on the score tabulations and announced the winners.
The best overall match play score of 13 for the first week was made by Robin Moreau and Bari Mantel.
Flight winners for week one:
Flight One: first place Grace Nitta and Joanne Jim 11 points; second place: Janet Choi and Juna Lee 10 points; third place (three way tie broken on the back nine):  Jane Lee and Sue Yoon 9.5 points.
Flight Two: first place Pat Deisem and Cletia Bowron 13 points; second place Joan Munn and Karen Romack 12.5 points; third place (three way tie broken on the back nine) Toni Snyder and Daisy Soo Hoo 9 points.
Flight Three:  first place Joan Brennan and Del Poirier 10 points; second place Peggy Yamada and Pat Taylor 9 points; third place Teddi Swanson and Gail Ramirez 8 points.
Chip-ins were made by:  Teddi Swanson hole 1, and Joan Munn hole 2.
Birdies were made by:  Joan Munn on holes 2 and 11, Jane Lee hole 4, Gail Ramirez hole 13, Robin Moreau hole 16
The second week stroke play best overall net score of 61 was shot by Claudia Terry and Vanida Nalamlieng.
Flight winners for week two:
Flight One:  first place Sue Yoon and Jane Lee net 63; second place Grace Nitta and Joanne Kim net 65; third place Janet Choi and June Lee net 68; third place
Flight Two:  first place Margo Dutton and Lynda Pritchett net 67; second place Sue Henricksen and Maryann Higgins net 68; third place Joan Baggett and Nancy Groswird net 68.
Flight Three:  first place Garnet Shelly and Yuko Tsang net 62; Del Poirier and Joanne Brennan net 63 and Peggy Yamada and Patricia Taylor net 67.
Chips-ins were made by: Lynda Pritchett hole 6; Joan Baggett hole 13; Robin Moreau hole 16.
Birdies were made by: Joan Munn hole 1, Claudia Terry holes 7 and 13, Joanne Kim hole 15, Robin Moreau hole 16.
Overall best scores winners were paid $15 each; $10 each for first place; $6 each for second place and $4 each for third place.
18er’s thank Mark Heptig and his staff for their assistance, Marcia Belcher, Teddi Swanson and Del Poirier for organizing the fun event.