by Daisy Soo Hoo

On October 26, a field of 48 18ers participated in the Halloween Bash. Many players dressed in orange and black outfits along with creative and artistic hats.

The format of the day was two best net balls of foursome with an orange ball rotating among the four players. The person with the orange ball counted as one of the two best balls.  A lost orange ball disqualified the team.  This year no orange balls were lost.

After the tourney, the group gathered in the Club Room for lunch.  Golf pros Mark Heptig and Chris Andres circled the room making notes on the various festive hats and selected the following:  first place Daisy Soo Hoo for the most original hat and second place Claudia Terry for the most artistic hat.

The golf results were:  first place Teddi Swanson, Nancy Park, Gail Ramirez and Claudia Terry with a score of 126 were awarded $8 each; second place Mo Mobberley, Joan Calder, Daisy Soo Hoo and Grace Nitta with a 135 awarded $6 each ; third place Joanne Kim, Jean Carroll, Garnet Shelly and Kathleen Young with scores of 137 awarded $4 each and fourth place Robin Moreau, Bari Mantel, Joanne Brennan and Nancy Groswird with a 138 awarded $2 each.

Chip-ins were had by Joanne Kim on hole 3, Daisy Soo Hoo on hole 6, Nancy Groswird on hole 15 and Judy Fletcher on hole 18.  Birdies were made by Janice Davis on hole 13 and Claudia Terry on hole 18.

A general meeting followed the festivities.  The following Officers of the Board for 2018 were elected unanimously:  Captain Joan Munn, Co-Captain Denise Pratt, Treasurer Marian Handy and Secretary Margo Dutton.