by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent
      The Rossmoor Women’s 18ers had a wonderful day on the course playing the 26th Annual Invitational on June 14 with a field of 103 players. Chairwomen Teddi Swanson and Janet Kinney ran the event with the assistance of Gail Ramirez, Kay Doyle, Joanne Brennan, Peggy Yamada, Toni Snyder, Claudia Terry, Mitzi Weinberg and Margo Dutton.
      Arriving guest players were greeted and golf bags were shuttled to the Pro Shop Area by Frank Quallen and his team of Ambassadors Ted Budach, Rich Fuller, Chuck Leong, John McDonnell, Bob Montgomery, Phil Neff, Marc Raynor, Howard Reid, Don Terry and Dick Walsh of the Rossmoor’s Mens Club. Thanks to Janice Davis, Carole Geoghegan, Marian Handy, Marilyn Treppa and Diane Matoney for assistance with today’s program. Gratitude extended to Avi Singh, Custodial/AV Tech Supervisor) for event setup and Blake Swint, Greens Keeper, for keeping the course in excellent condition.
      Delicious breakfast and lunch were catered by Chef Jeff Carpenello with Fuget About It Catering.  Joanne Brennan did a fabulous job creating the flag themed center pieces for the tables. Michael Oakey, Earl Reeve and Don Terry were fantastic bartenders.  All players received an awesome designed cross body iPad bag.
      This year’s sponsors of the event Atria Senior Living, Byron Park, Comcast, Julia Lee, DDS, Mike’s Auto Body and Rossmoor Realty made for a very special day.  Many of the sponsors had nice giveaways at their booths. Thanks also goes to Walnut Creek Honda for an automobile detail donation for the grand prize drawing.
      Mark Heptig and Chris Anders from the Pro Shop helped run the tournament and final scoring to determine the winners.
      The format was two best balls of four, and the following are the results:
U.S Women’s Open First flight :
1st place 18ers Joyce McCann and Joan Munn with their guests Laura Kim and Wang Ja Wong net 116
2nd place 18er Darlene Martel and her guests Kim Selby, Pamela Thurston and Becky Frazier net 119
3rd place 18er Daisy Soo Hoo and her guests Karen Mar, Lori Laporte and Marsha Taam net 125
4rd place 18er Sue Yoon and her guests Sarah Kim, Susie Kim and Kathy Lee 126
British Women’s Open Second flight:
1st place 18ers Robin Moreau, Pat Deisem, Yan Sun and their guest Laura Lippow net 118
2nd place 18ers Cletia Bowron and Vanida Nalamlieng and their guests Ann Reynolds and Susan Remmich net 120
3rd place 18er Gail Ramirez and her guests Kathleen Nagle,, Kay Michael and Judy McDaniel net 121
4th place 18ers Peggy Yamada and Toni Snyder and their guests Marilyn Hoshiyama and Michele Davis net 122
Evian Third flight:
Tie breaker on the back nine for 1st and 2nd place
1st place 18er Kay Doyle and her guests Beverly Friends Allison Caplan and Dixie Pickup net 118
2nd place 18er Del Poirier and her guests Lana Yagle, Rita Steele and Carroll Martin net 118
3rd place 18er Teddi Swanson and her guests Susan Chipman and Joan Upshaw net 123
4th place 18ers Kathleen Young, Joanne Brennan and Maryann Higgins and their guest Connie Bates net 124
KPMG Women’s PGA Championship Fourth flight:
1st place 18er Kathy Fuller and her guest Lorraine Weisenberg and Marilyn Gschwind net 117
2nd place 18ers Joan Baaggett and Maryjean Kidd and their guests Claire Wolfe and Karen Binder net 124
3rd place 18er Claudia Terry and her guests Irma Beckman, Frances McDonnell and Charlene Gonzalez net 132
4th place 18er Marcia Belcher and her guests Deedee Appleton, Connie Freeland and Carol Delariva net 133
      First place winners received $40 each, second place winners received $30 each, third place winners received $20 each and fourth place winners received a sleeve of golf balls.
      There were two holes where closest-to-the-hole were awarded $25 each and the member and guest winners for those were:
Hole 2:   18er Claudia Terry 17 inches and guest winner Anne Phillip 5 feet 3-1/2 inches
Hole 16: 18er Darlene Martel 5 feet 6 inches and guest winner Eden Andersen 8 feet
      Congratulations to Swanson and Kinney for a well-run invitational and special appreciation and thanks to all that helped to make it a successful Around the World in 18 Holes Invitational.