by Teddi Swanson – Club Correspondent

On Monday, December 4th the Board gathered for an end of year party.  They thanked outgoing Captain, Margo Dutton for her challenging year and welcomed incoming Captain Toni Snyder.  They congratulated in coming Co-Captain, Mirna Wong and look forward to the return of Secretary, Judy Moran and Treasurer, MaryJean Kidd.

The outgoing Chairwomen of the other Board positions are Denise Pratt, Tournaments; Daisy Soo Hoo East Bay Team Play, Teddi Swanson Publicity.  The 2024 Chairwomen will be: Tournaments, Marsha Jennings; Membership, Teddi Swanson; Handicap, Laura Kim; Rules, Joyce McCann; Golf Advisory, Robin Moreau; Social, Lana Yagle; EB Team Play, Karla Witte, Pat McSween; Technical Committee MaryJean Kidd, Laura Kim, Claudia Terry; Publicity, Claudia Terry, Liz James; Past Captain, Margo Dutton.

The Board welcomes four new members for 2024; Marsha Jennings, Mirna Wong, Liz Jennings and Pat McSween.

The Rossmoor Women’s 18-Hole Golf Club will have its final event of the year with the annual Holiday Gathering for lunch in the Event Center on Thursday, December 14th.  Old Board and New Board are introduced as well as awards are made for the Most Improved Player, Charm Winner, Eclectic Winners and Birdie Payouts. The 2024 golf season will begin on March 7, 2024.