by Margo Dutton – Club Correspondent

Thank you to all 17 members (out of 43 members signed up to play) who showed up despite the stormy weather. “Criss/Cross” was the format for play. Players take their lowest score between each hole on the front nine and the corresponding hole on the back nine to make their best nine hole score. For example, the lowest score on 1&10, 2&11, 3&12, etc., are each accumulated.

Results are as follows:

First Place – Joanne Kim, score 29;

Second Place – Claudia Terry; score 30;

Third Place Tie – Sue Yoon, Agnes Shin, Anna Kim, score 32   

Everyone else who played tied for Sixth Place – Toni Snyder, Soonee Kim, Janet Choi, Ja Young Lee, Laura Kim, Nancy Park, Joan Munn, Teddi Swanson, Aisoon Hong, Ann Hamilton, Olivia Hsueh, Daisy Soo Hoo

Birdies reported for March 18
No birdies were reported
Birdies reported for March 11:
Marcia Belcher – hole #14, Theresa Kim – hole #2
Birdies reported for March 4:
JoAnne Brennan – hole #2, Judith Coleman-Cohen hole – #4, Lynda Pritchett – hole #14