by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent

Marlene Seffern was the lucky charm girl for the day.  She shot a low net of 70.  

The results:

1st Flight Note:  Two-way tie with a net score of 71; the tie was broken by the net score on the back nine 

1st Nancy Park 71;  2nd June Lee 71; 3rd Agnes Shin 73 

2nd Flight

1st  Marlene Seffern 70; 2nd Garnet Shelly 72; 3rd Joanne Brennan 73

First place winners will receive $8, second place $6 and third place $4
There were no birdies or chip ins.
Seffern will be eligible to compete later in the year with the other Charm Day winners for the Charm title.
Reminder, La Fiesta Guest Day on May 10th.  The deadline to submit an entry is Thursday, May 3.
Call Robin Moreau at 925-954-1329 or Bari Mantel at 925-705-7799 for more information.