by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent
The 18ers played the first tournament of the season under nice weather conditions.  
The format was an odd/even hole partner tournament.
Here are the results. Ties were broken on the last 9 holes: 
1st place $6, Janet Choi and Shin Kim with a net 72
2nd place $5, Grace Nitta and Sue Yoon with a net 72
3rd place $4, Joan Munn and Mo Mobberley with a net 72
4th place $3, Claudia Terry and Janice Davis with a net 73
5th place $2 Chong Harney and Agnes Shin with a net 75
Birdies:  Claudia Terry hole no. 13 and Grace Nitta hole no. 16
Welcome back 18ers!