by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent

18ers Hawaii Guest Day
A field of 96 players competed in the 18ers Hawaiian-themed guest day golf outing on a beautiful sunny day.  Players got into the Aloha spirit and came dressed in colorful Hawaiian shirts, many wore leis and one team had on grass skirts.
After check-in the ladies gathered in the Creekside Restaurant for a breakfast spread before the 8:30 shotgun. The tournament format for the day was two best balls of the foursome. 
The group enjoyed a Hawaiian theme lunch catered by Creekside Restaurant at the Event Center.  Donald Terry and Sam Choo with the Rossmoor men’s club served traditional Mai Tais along with beer and wine.
Robin Moreau, guest day chairwoman, welcomed the group.  She was very pleased with the great turnout.  There were over 20 different clubs along with the Rossmoor 9er’s that participated in the event.  Moreau gave special thanks to the following:  Pil Choo and Olivia Hsueh for their assistance organizing the event with her, Carole Geoghegan and Karin Romak for checking in players, Margo Dutton for supplying ice and water to the players on the course, and the Rossmoor Men’s Club Ambassadors for helping players with their golf bags, Don and Sam for their bartender services, Mark Heptig and his staff at the pro shop for their assistance organizing the golf logistics and the Creekside Restaurant for their catering and efficient staff.
Mark Heptig, Director of Golf, and Chris Andres, Apprentice Golf Professional, worked on the score tabulations and the following are the results.
First flight winners:  first place with a 124 score:  Donna Wagner, Nancy Seibert, Chris Anthony and Kathryn Osborne; second place with a 130 score: Joan Munn, Patrice Dennis, Sharon Digrande and Kwang Park; third place with a 131 score: Joyce McCann, Sharon Marsh, Janice Davis and Liz Bathgate.
Second flight winners:  first place with a 112 score:  Sherry Endicott, Ann Ditlevsen, Rosalie Vantine and Ronda Sroka; second place with a 124 score: Robin Moreau, Lynn Godfrey, Bari Mantel and Lorraine Weisenberg; third place with a 125 score: Vanida Nalamlieng, Cletia Bowron, Joanne Brennan and Melinda Hall.
Third flight winners:  first place with a 127 score:  Daisy Soo Hoo, Karen Mar, Judy Yun and Berline Wong; second place with a 128 score:  Kathy Fuller, Gisela Hendrickson and Gerda Peterson; third place with a score of 132:  Pil Choo, Mitzi Abramson, Linda Spiegelman and Karen Valladao.
Closest to the pin winners hole 2:  Joan Baggett 16’ 2” and Kathy Osborne (guest) 13’ 7-3/4”, hole 16:  Cletia Bouron 41”, Karen Wagner (guest) 8’2”.
Closest to the line Vanida Nalamlieng 8”.