by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent

The 18ers 2020 season was launched on Thursday, February 20 and the first general meeting of the year was held at the Event Center.  Members enjoyed a delicious array of sandwiches catered by Morucci’s, salads and desserts made by members.  

There were sign-up sheets for East Bay Team Play, birdie and eclectic club.  Open Day information was also available. Updated directories were distributed to members. 

Theresa Kim, Captain, presided over the general meeting.  She thanked Linda Ingalls for organizing the event.    

Kim introduced the new golf pro, Jacque Vigil, who will be organizing the weekly games for the 18ers.   

Kim continued to introduce the Board and members of the various committees: Janice Davis – Co-Captain and East Bay Team Play Chair, Robin Moreau – Secretary, Teddi Swanson – Treasurer, Denise Pratt- Past Captain and Tournament Chair, Joyce McCann – Rules, Stella Chan – Social, Claudia Terry – Website and Handicap, Toni Snyder – Membership, Mary Hufford – Golf Advisory, Daisy Soo Hoo – East Bay Team Play and Publicity, Laura Kim – Ambassador and Website. 

Joyce McCann, Rules Chair, reminded members that the annual Rules Seminar will be held on March 2nd.

Toni Snyder, Membership Chair advised that club has a total of 104 members with ten new members.  She introduced the new members:  Lauren Artress, Harriet Crosby, Charlene Gonzales, Mary Helen Greaves, Janet Jolley, Sophia Kim, Karen Krieger, Linda Spiegelman, Kazu Takesaka and Jae Yang.   

The launch party was a great success and those in attendance had a good time reconnecting with their golf friends and meeting new members.