On July 27, forty 18ers went out to play in a Mutt and Jeff tournament where the winner was decided by totaling the scores of all the par 3 holes and the par 5 holes and then subtracting half of the player’s handicap for a final number. Grace Nitta won the first flight with a total of 36 points. Second place in the first flight was Olivia Hsueh who also had a score of 36, and Theresa Kim came in third with 41 points.

Second flight winners were Daisy Soo Hoo in first place with 37 points, Jane Lee in second place also with 37 points, and Pat Diesem with 40 points.

Third flight winners were Joanne Brennan in first place with 36 points, Marcia Belcher in second place with 40 points, and Aisoon Hong in third place with 42 points.

There were plenty of chip-ins: Kay Doyle on hole 5, Garnet Shelly on hole 17, Vanida Nalamlieng on hole 1, Nancy Groswird on hole 12 and Robin Moreau on hole 18. Birdies were shot by Kathy Fuller on hole 10, Claudia Terry on hole 9 and Olivia Hsueh on hole 16.