by Teddi Swanson – Club Correspondent

On Thursday, September 28th the women had a head-to-head match where one two-woman team played directly against an opposing two-woman team. The side won a hole in the match by completing the hole in fewer strokes than the opposing side.  The winner of the match is the side who won more holes than their opponent.  The winning team on each hole earned 1 point and the losing team had 0 points with a tie giving each team ½ point. The side with the most points at the end of the round was the winner.

52 women participated with 12 teams winning and 2 teams who tied the round.  The winning teams were: Claudia Terry, Andrea Alpine; Karla Witte, Denise Pratt; Barbara Musante, Betty Cuniberti; Theresa Kim, Agnes Shin; Jane Lee, Okey Ro; Margo Dutton, Lynda Pritchett; Nancy Park, Anna Kim; Ann Hamilton, Gail Ramirez; Juna Lee, Jenny Han; Joan Baggett, MaryJean Kidd; Joyce McCann, Lauren Artress. The two teams who tied were Lana Yagle, Stella Chan and Vanida Nalamlieng, Teddi Swanson.

There was one chip-in on hole 18 made by Stella Chan and birdies were made by Ann Hamilton on 18, Claudia Terry on 10, Jayoung Lee on 1 and Stella Chan on 18.

The women thank Denise Pratt and Jacque Vigil for providing this fun format.  The Club Championship 3-day tournament will begin on Thursday, October 11, 2023.