by Margo Dutton – Club Correspondent

The 52 club members were divided into four flights. Before teeing off, playing partners decided who will play the odd holes and the even holes for scoring purposes. Each player recorded their gross score for all 18 holes and their net scores for the odd or even holes.

Ties were broken using the USGA method of matching score cards starting with back nine total of partners.

Results for the four flights are as follows:

First Flight -1st Place Daisy Soo Hoo/Laura Kim net 69, 2nd Place Claudia Terry/Mae Marcotte net 69, 3rd Place Olivia Hsueh/Jayoung Lee net 69.
Second Flight -1st Place Ann Hamilton/Gail Ramirez net 66 2nd Place Karin Romak/Pat Deisem net 70, 3rd Place Esta Podberesky/Teddi Swanson net 72.
Third Flight -1st Place MaryAnn Higgins/Myra Belfiore net 69, 2nd Place Stella Chan/Blind Draw net 71, 3rd Place Denise Pratt/Bari Mantel net 71.
Fourth Flight -1st Place Jean Carroll/Mitzi Weinberg net 66, 2nd Place Linda Spiegelman/Kazu Takesaka net 77, 3rd Place Soonee Kim/Joanne Brennan net 79

Birdies reported for April 15:  Daisy Soo Hoo hole #2

Chip-ins reported for April 15:  Teddi Swansen hole #13