by Claudia Terry – Club Correspondent

Denise Pratt, 18ers tournament chair, continues to make things interesting for the 18ers by introducing new formats for play. On Sept. 21, the game was called 6-6-6 and it involved three different formats for different sets of holes. On Holes 1 through 6, the two-woman teams played one best net ball of the partners. On Holes 7 through 12, the game was alternate shot, like in the Ryder Cup, where player 1 would tee off, player 2 would hit the second shot, then alternating players until the ball was holed. On Holes 13 through 18, the game was a scramble format with both players hitting the tee shot, then selecting the best shot where both players hit their second shot, and continuing to select the best shot to hit their next shot from until the green was reached and the ball was putted into the cup.

There was a two-putt maximum for all 18 holes because of the recent aerification of the greens. For that reason, and also because of the scramble format and alternate shot format, the scores were not postable.

Flight winners were as follows. Flight 1 first place went to Sue Yoon and Agnes Shin; second place went to Joyce McCann and Joan Binnings.

Flight 2 had an exact tie for first place and the two winning teams split the prize money. Denise Pratt and Ann Hamilton tied for first place with Mirna Wong and Esta Podberesky.

Flight 3 first place went to Joan Baggett and MaryJean Kidd and second place went to Juna Lee and Sarah Ko.

Flight 4 first place went to Nancy Park and Il Sook Cho and second place went to Robin Moreau and Bari Mantel. Congratulations to all the flight winners.

There was one chip-in for the day and the lucky 18er was Pratt who chipped in on Hole 10, a nice reward for the woman who thought up such a fun day for club members.