by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent

A field of 33 Rossmoor 18er’s participated on October 18th in Beat Joyce McCann the Club Champion. There were 13 members that beat the champion’s net score of 74.3.

The first flight overall winner was Jane Lee with a net 64.  First place (ties broken on the back nine) Del Poirier net 72, second place Sue Yoon net 72, third place Claudia Terry net 73, fourth place Nancy Park net 74, fifth place Gail Ramirez net 74,  sixth place Joan Baggett net 74.

The second flight overall winner was Garnet Shelly with a net 68.  First place (ties broken on the back nine) Yuko Tsang net 70, second place Judy Fletcher net 70, third place Denise Pratt net 72, fourth place Joanne Brennan net 73, fifth place Marlene Seffern net 73.

Chip-ins were made by Gail Ramirez on hole 7, Britta Markey hole 8 and Juna Lee hole 16.

Birdied were made by Claudia Terry on hole 9 and Agnes Shin hole 16.

Good shooting ladies!