On Thursday, August 10, forty 18ers played a “blind nine” tournament in which nine random holes were used on each player’s scorecard and then half the player’s handicap was subtracted to determine the final score. Winners in the first flight were Joyce McCann, first place with a 26; Agnes Shin, second place with a 33; Darlene Martel, third place with a 34. Second flight winners were Jane Lee, first place with a 35; Gail Ramirez, second place with a 36; Daisy Soo Hoo, third place with a 38. Third flight winners were Robin Moreau, first place with a 31; Joanne Brennan, second place with a 33; Garnet Shelly, third place with a 34. First place winners won three golf balls, second place winners got two balls and third place winners received one golf ball.

Seven birdies were shot: Chong Harney and Sharon Kiley both shot birdies on hole 4. Darlene Martel and Robin Moreau birdied hole 10. Claudia Terry and Pat Diesem birdied hole 16, and Terry also birdied hole 1.

There were also seven chip-ins: Kathleen Young on hole 1, Joan Munn on holes 3 and 11, Gail Ramirez on hole7, Robin Moreau on hole 10, Toni Snyder on hole 13 and finally Sharon Kiley whose birdie on hole 4 was the result of a chip-in using a gap wedge from 60 yards out. Congratulations to Sharon for a fantastic chip-in birdie.