By Linda Scheffer

A field of forty-eight players came out for play in the 18ers’ annual Blue and White tournament. They were divided into two teams, twenty-four blues and twenty-four whites. Two blues played in match play with two whites. The aggregate blues’ and whites’ scores were then tabulated and announced by Apprentice Golf Pro Chris Andres .

This year the winning team was the blues with 116.5 points over the whites’ 99.5. Longstanding custom requires the losing team to buy a hot dog lunch for the winning team.

Marcia Belcher chaired the event which is an annual favorite. Following lunch Captain Margo Dutton chaired a general meeting.

She introduced new 18er members and noted Nancy Groswird’s recent hole-in-one.

Treasurer Olivia Hseuh distributed two financial reports.

Rules Chair Peggy Yamada challenged the group with a rules quiz.

Mary Hufford then introduced Tim O’Keefe, CEO of Golden Rain Foundation. He spoke about the uniqueness and amenities of Rossmoor, noting there were 22,000 events last year.