by Margo Dutton – Club Correspondent

Thursday, October 14th  was the sixth and final round of the Charm/Eclectic tournament. Those qualifying to play in the Charm Championship  on November 4,2021 from  round 1 – Olivia Hsueh (66), round 2 – Ann Hamilton (65), round 3 – Anna Kim (66), round 4 – Joan Baggett (72), round 5 – Joyce McCann (71), round 6 – Agnes Shin (68).

Winners for the Eclectic tournament will be announced at the 18er’s annual holiday party so for now their names are a secret.

Congratulations to the winners of the low net tournament!

Results for the low net tournament are as follows:

First Flight:

First place Olivia Hsueh net 68

second place Daisy Soo Hoo net 72

third place Theresa Kim net 72

fourth place Joanne Kim, net 73.

Second Flight:

First place Agnes Shin net 68

second place Joan Munn net 73

third place Andrea Alpine Net 75

fourth place Joan Baggett net 75.

Third Flight:

First place Jane Lee net 72

second place Juna Lee net 74

third place Peggy Yamada net 76

fourth place Lana Yagle net 77.

Fourth Flight:

First place Karin Romak net 75

second place Sheri Lenz net 77

third place Soonee Kim net 77

fourth place Charlene Gonzalez net 78.