by Margo Dutton – Club Correspondent

The format for the tournament played on April 8, 2021 was “Terrible Two’s”.  Players recorded gross scores in the usual manner and at the end of the round selected the two worst gross scores. Players then deducted the two worst scores from their final net score.

Results are as follows:

First Flight: First place Theresa Kim net 54, second place Olivia Hsueh net 56, third place Joanne Kim net 57, fourth place Grace Nitta net 57

Second Flight: First place Ann Hamilton net 53, second place Sophia Kim net 56, third place Margo Dutton Net 57, fourth place Linda Ingalls net 58

Third Flight: First place Lana Yagle net 55, second place Sherry Endicott net 56, third place Teddi Swanson net 57, 4th Jacky Dunn net 57

Fourth Flight: First olace Judy Fletcher net 53, second place Bari Mantel net 54, third place Kazu Takesake net 54, fourth place Jean Carrol net 55   

Birdies reported for April 8, 2021:

Olivia Hsueh hole #15, Grace Nitta hole #8, Janet Choi hole #16, Sue Yoon #16

Chip-ins reported for April 8, 2021:

Olivia Hsueh #15, Grace Nitta hole #8