by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent

The Rossmoor 18er golf club (55 players) played a Stand away Scramble charity event on October 8.  The fund raiser was for the Monument Crisis Center in Concord.  Players were asked to ‘buy in’ with a $5 donation to the Center.  One dollar of the donation went to the prize fund and the winning teams shared the wealth.  The remaining $4.00 of the $5.00 goes to the Crisis Center.

The members had a fun time playing the tournament.  Everyone hit a tee shot and the best drive was selected.  The other three players hit their next shot from that spot.  The best shot from the second shot is selected and the other three hit from that spot.  Whomever’s shot was selected, sat out for the next shot.  When the ball was on the green, all four players had a chance to sink the putt.

Here are the team results:

Flight One:  first place team of Stella Chan, Pat Deisem and Kay Doyle net 57, second place Olivia Hsueh, Soonee Kim, Joanne Kim and Agnes Shin net 61, third place (won tie breaker) Janet Choi, Aisoon Hong, Anna Kim and Nancy Park net 63.

Flight Two:  first place team of Ann Hamilton, Del Poirier, Gail Ramirez and Lana Yagle net 58, second place Laura Kim, Denise Pratt, Teddi Swanson and Joan Weinstein net 61 and third place Patty Frazer, Nancy Groswird, Marlene Seffern and Mitzi Weinberg net 63.

A total of $1,438 was raised from the event.  Many thanks to members and friends for their generous donations of food and checks.

Janice Davis will be delivering the contributions to the center.  If you are interested in donating, please contact Janice at 530.320.3677 or

A special thanks to Theresa Kim Captain, Janice Davis Co-Captain and Denise Pratt for organizing the event.