by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent

It was an extremely cold day for the event.  38 players braved the weather and the sun finally made an appearance towards the end of the round.
Players were allowed to subtract their two worst holes from their scorecard and count the remaining 16 holes as their score.  After subtracting their handicaps for a net score the winners were:

1st Flight (Note: Ties were broken on the last nine holes for 3rd and 4th place):  1st place Sue Yoon net 56/$8; 2nd place Margo Dutton net 58/$6; 3rd place Nancy Groswird net 59/$4; 4th place Chong Harney net 59/$2

2nd Flight:  1st place Garnet Shelly net 57/$8; 2nd place Marian Handy net 59/$6; 3rd place Aisoon Hong net 62/$4; 4th place Mo Mobberly net 63/$2

Chip-ins:  Sue Yoon hole 2; Margo Dutton hole 9; Helen Chung holes 11 and 18; Gail Ramirez hole 15; Linda Pritchett hole 18