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Holiday Luncheon Chairwoman,Del Poirier,welcomed everyone to the luncheon and began the afternoon with a funny golf joke which put everyone in a festive holiday spirit.

The outgoing captain of the Rossmoor Women’s 18 Hole Golf Club, Olivia Hsueh, presided over the annual Holiday Luncheon on December 3 at the Event Center. Olivia thanked the outgoing board and all the ladies who chaired committees over the year as well as introduced the new officers for 2016. She also extended a special thank you to Del Poirier and Diane Matoney co-chairs for the luncheon as well as Nancy Ringelstein, Carol Dickerson, Marcia Belcher and Inez Scrivner for their committee support. Olivia further thanked Michael Oakey and James McNamara for tending bar and serving appetizers.

The officers for 2016 will be Margo Dutton – Captain, Teddi Swanson – Co-Captain, Carolyn Riding – Secretary and Olivia Hsueh – Treasurer.

Many winners received awards during the luncheon as well as 6 ladies whose names were drawn from a hat to win little extra surprise money from the treasury. The past captains were introduced, of which, there were 9 ladies in attendance.

Olivia also honored and thanked Mark Heptig, Wayne Weckerlin and the golf shop staff for their support and help during all the activities over the course of the year.

Donna Rhodes stood in for Kay Doyle the Tournament Chairwomen to announce the winners of the pins from the Women’s Golf Association of Northern California (WGANC). Those Pin winners were: Jean Carroll, first flight; Gail Ramirez, second flight; Juna Lee, third flight; and Teddi Swanson, fourth flight. Many other prizes were awarded to birdie winners as well as eclectic winners. Kay Doyle, Tournament Chair, was unable to attend the luncheon and sent a very nice note thanking all for the support that was shown to her over the course of the year.

Pat Taylor announced the most improved player award along with the top 9 most improved players. The number one 2015 Most Improved Player went to Janice Davis who also came in 2nd in the overall 2015 club championship contest.

The ladies who achieved distinction this year were also honored: Grace Nitta, Club Champion; Gail Ramirez, Handicap winner; and Anna Kim, Charm winner.

Mark Heptig, Director of Golf, thanked everyone for a great year of golf and announced that Chris Andres will be taking the lead in helping with tournaments for the ladies 18-hole golf club in 2016. Mark further announced the many changes to the golf course over the past year and those plans for 2016. Mark reminded everyone of the golf shop bake sale, with proceeds going to Children’s Hospital, as well as a merchandise sale on Saturday, December 12th.

Olivia Hsueh, outgoing club Captain was honored with a gift.

This event was the last organized club event for the 2015 year. For the remainder of the year and January and February of 2016 players need to call the pro shop to make their tee time reservations until tournament play resumes in March. The next event to be chaired by Bari Mantel will be the Launch the Season party on February 11, 2016. Ladies are reminded to check the website for all up to date information.