By Daisy Soo Hoo, Club Correspondent

Members of the Rossmoor Women’s 18-Hole Golf Club celebrated with old and new friends at their annual holiday party.

Holiday Luncheon chair, Del Poirier, welcomed the18ers to the luncheon.  She thanked Grace Nitta for contributing the lovely table centerpieces.  

The outgoing Captain of the Rossmoor Women’s 18ers, Teddi Swanson, thanked the pro shop staff for their assistance and support throughout the year.  She presented golf pro Chris Andres with gift certificates for the staff.

Teddi extended appreciation to the following:  Kay Doyle for envelope production, Mike Oakey and Dickey Nitta for tending bar and serving appetizers, Del Poirier and her committee of Nancy Ringelstein, Diane Matoney, Inez Scrivner and Olivia Hsueh, for organizing the luncheon.

Teddi acknowledged the past captains that attended the event:  Diane Matoney, Pat Deisem, Peggy Yamada, Marilyn Treppa, Donna Rhodes, Jackie Bateman, Del Poirier, and Olivia Hsueh. Special thanks was also given to the board and committees for their contribution:  Olivia Hsueh-treasurer, Carolyn Riding-secretary, Denise Pratt-tournament chair with assistance from Marcia Belcher, Linda Pingatore-membership, Del Poirier-social, Janice Davis-handicap with her committee of Claudia Terry, Margo Dutton, Pil Choo and Peggy Yamada, Theresa Kim and Joyce McCann-rules, Claudia-web and publicity, Linda Ingalls and Robin Moreau-East Bay Team Play, Jean Carroll and Janice Davis-Diablo Team Play, Mary Hufford-GAC representative, Margo Dutton-communication, and Stella Chan-open days.

Teddi began the awards by presenting the Club Champion award to Joyce McCann and Handicap award to Olivia Hsueh. 

Denise Pratt, Tournament Chairwoman, announced the 2017 Charm Winner. There were six winners on the designated Thursday Charm days, Joan Munn, Joyce McCann, Agnes Shin, Pil Choo, Daisy Soo Hoo and Pat Deisem. After the low net playoff was finalized Pat Deisem became the Charm winner.

Pratt continued with the Women’s Golf Association of Northern California (WGANC) Net Awards. 32 ladies qualified playing three rounds of the six designated rounds.  Three of their lowest scores were added to determine the winners. The players were then divided into flights to receive the pin.  The pin winners are:  1st flight, Agnes Shin 211 points, 2nd flight Nancy Park 215 points, 3rd flight Pil Choo 209 points, 4th flight Teddi Swanson 223 points.

Eighteen players received chip-in dollars in the 2017 season.  There were several days with no winners.  The excess funds were distributed by the highest number of chip-ins for the year.  Claudia Terry was awarded first place with a total of six chip-ins, Nancy Groswird and Margo Dutton in second place tied with a total of three chip-ins each. 

The Eclectic awards were presented by Marcia Belcher, Assistant Tournament Chairwoman.  Field low gross with a score of 73 went to Claudia Terry, low net with a 58 score to Teddi Swanson. First flight low gross 79 Theresa Kim, first place low net 60 Olivia Hsueh, second place low net 62 Chong Harney, third place low net 64 Janice Davis, fourth place low net 64 Sue Yoon. Second flight low gross 83 Joan Baggett, first place low net 63 Pat Deisem, second place low net 65 Daisy Soo Hoo, third place low net 65 Nancy Groswird, fourth place low net 67 Pat Taylor.  Third flight low gross 91 Kay Doyle, first place low net 62 Jacky Dunn, second place low net 63 Marcia Belcher, third place low net 67 Judy Fletcher, fourth place low net 68 Denise Pratt.

The Most Improved Player of the year award was presented to Joyce McCann.  Her handicap in November 2016 was 14 and she ended the season with a 10 handicap.  She attributed her success to her new teacher and many hours of practice.

Superintendent groundskeeper, Pete Carillo, and his crew were acknowledged and honored at the luncheon.  Teddi expressed appreciation for the fine job that they do in keeping up the golf course and landscaping throughout Rossmoor. 

Joan Munn, 2018 Captain, presented Teddi Swanson with a gift for her superb job as Captain for 2017.  Joan went on to introduce her board and committee chairs for the 2018 golf season: Denise Pratt-Co-Captain, Margo Dutton-secretary, Marian Handy-treasurer, Marcia Belcher-tournament, Myra Belfiore-membership, Del Poirier-social, Claudia Terry-handicap, Joyce McCann-rules, Daisy Soo Hoo-publicity, Robin Moreau and Olivia Hsueh-East Bay Team Play, Jean Carroll and Janice Davis-Diablo Valley Team Play, Cletia Bowron-communications, Stella Chan-Open Days, Mary Hufford-GAC representative.

This is the last organized event for the 2017 year.  For the remainder of the year, January and February 2018 players should call the Pro Shop to make their tee times reservations until tournament play resumes in March.

Watch for the launch the season party on February 8th.