The 2018 12 man season has concluded with Moraga winning our pod, followed by Crow Canyon, Rossmoor and Contra Costa in 4th. Hopefully we can improve our play to win our pod in 2019. Based on NCGA information it appears this is the last year of clubs creating our own pod, so we’ll see who we’re teamed up with for 2019. The final NCGA results of the 6 matches is attached. We’ll also post this information on the website.

Attached is a financial report showing income and expenses for the 2018 season. What sticks out is the cost of hosting an after match event at Creekside with Stan catering the event, coupled with an open bar. Originally we had reserved dollar club house for all 3 home matches, but with a change of dates required by Contra Costa, the Dollar clubhouse was no longer available and we were unwilling to host the event at the picnic grounds. The plan for 2019 is to reserve the Thursdays from June to August at the Dollar clubhouse and release the unneeded dates once our schedule is set. The patio and club house area at the Dollar is really a great venue spot and our goal is to use it for all of our matches in the future.

For 2019, I’ve proposed the person(s) responsible for creating the menu, setting up and clean up coupled with getting the food be reimbursed for their time and travel at $30 per home event. We also feel it’s appropriate to have a rollover fund of $200 which is shown in the expenses for 2019.

In prior years, the 12 man captain had requested the RMGC board pay the entry fee which is usually $250 to the NCGA with the costs for the after match gatherings being paid by the team members. Since a small percentage of RMGC members play in this event, we felt it best to make this event truly self-supporting and not rely on any RMGC board funding. This allows us the flexibility to choose how we create and run our future teams as well as mitigate any board review and comments of expenses etc.

This year, Brent and I feel an informal men only dinner with open bar at the Dollar club house will be our way of celebrating the camaraderie of the 12 man team and allow the guys the chance to enjoy a time to review the highs of the 6 matches as well as maybe be in line for some kind remarks by team mates. The date for this dinner is MONDAY, October 8 starting at 5 pm. We’ll be sending out an email with the cost for the evening later this month and will use the $230 shown on the expense report for the party. Bryan Burnett and I will create a diverse and plentiful menu. We will require an RSVP.

Finally, I’ve been deeply involved with the 12 man team as a helper-assistant for 2 years, then co-captain for 4 years so it’s time I pass the baton on to Brent to be the 2019 captain. I’m sure he’ll do a great job, but frankly he’ll need a lot of help so I’m DEMANDING someone or a group of you step up to be Brent’s co-captain/assistant for 2019. No need to respond to me on this, but reach out to Brent if you’re willing to be a new leader for the 12 man team.

Thanks again for your efforts and looking forward to MANY G&T’s at the yearend party.

Co-Captain Chuck

2018 12 Man Match SummariesMoraga vs Rossmoor (@ Moraga, 6/14) Rossmoor lost 27-9Individual point(s) winners: Dawkins-1, Lee-2, Moore-2, & Soohoo-2Team point(s) winners: Lee & Endicott-2Rossmoor vs Crow Canyon (@ Rossmoor, 6/28) Rossmoor won 23-13Individual point(s) winners: Atkins-2, Mitchell-2, Webb-2, Woo-2, Scheffer-2, Soohoo-2,Pingatore-2, & Jones-2Team point(s) winners: Atkins & Mitchell-2, Mathews & Webb-2, Scheffer & Soohoo-2Rossmoor vs Contra Costa (@Contra Costa, 7/12) Rossmoor lostScores not entered by hosting teamRossmoor vs Moraga (@ Rossmoor, 7/19) Rossmoor won 24-12Individual point(s) winners: Atkins-1, Meng-2, McDonnell-2, Gonzalez-2, Pingatore-2, Soohoo-2, & McCann-2Team point(s) winners: Webb & Meng-2, Hansen & Moore-2, Gonzalez & Pingatore-2, Soohoo & McCann-2Rossmoor vs Crow Canyon (@ Crow Canyon, 8/2) Rossmoor lost 26-10Individual point(s) winners: Mitchell-2, Atkins-2, Moran-1, & McDonnell-2Team point(s) winners: Mitchell & Atkins-2, Moran & McDonnell-1Rossmoor vs Contra Costa (@ Rossmoor, 8/9) Rossmoor lost 22-14Individual point(s) winners: Meng-2, Hansen-2, Soohoo-2, Snyder-1, & Sun-1Team point(s) winners: Mitchell & Atkins-2, Meng & Hansen-2, Soohoo & Woo-2Per the published “Leaderboard” the POD results are:Moraga – 138 pointsCrow Canyon – 99 pointsRossmoor – 80 pointsContra Costa – 74 points

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