by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent
Over 90 attendees participated in the February 25 Rules Seminar for the 9er and 18er Women’s golf group.  This was one of the larger groups that attended the seminar as there are major changes to the existing golf rules.  Joyce McCann, 18er Rules Chair, made timely arrangements last year with Susanne Olsen and Jeanine Schreiber, golf rules official for the Women’s Golf Association of Northern California, for the presentation.
Olsen presented a video outlining the new rules, gave detailed explanations, Olsen and Schreiber also answered questions after each slide.
Below are highlights of a few of the new rules:
1. Search time has been reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes, 2. Team play partners can only assist their partner in lining up before the partner begins to take her stance, 3.  No penalty if club accidentally hits the ball more than once,  4. Grounding club in penalty areas (used to be called hazards) is now allowed,  5.  Loose impediments may be removed from bunkers and penalty areas, 6. Unplayable ball in bunker may be moved out of bunker using the back on the line relief option for two penalty strokes.
Olsen recommended the site for detailed information.  An attendee showed her new 2019 rules summary booklet that is available at the pro shop.
Olsen complimented attendees for their undivided attention and kidded that she was thankful that no one snoozed during the 90 minute presentation.