By Linda Scheffer

18ers’ Tourney
Rewards Good Putting
Some say the best chance of improving your golf scores is to work on becoming a good putter. On March 24, the 18ers had a chance to get rewarded for their putting, in a competition for lowest number of putts for 18 holes.
The day’s players who had the lowest number of putts in four flights are listed below.
Flight 1: Agnes Shin, 29; Claudia Terry, 30; Margo Dutton, 31; Janice Davis, 31.
Flight 2: Anna Kim, 31; Gail Ramirez, 33; Pat Deisem, 33.
Flight 3: Bari, Mantel, 34; Jane Lee, 35; Marion King, 35.
Flight 4: Kathleen Young, 35; Mitzi Weinberg, 37; Gisela Hendrickson, 38.
Three players had chip-ins that day: Kathleen Young, #2; Joan Munn, #2; and Marlene Seffern, #5.