18ers Play Par Points;
Then Net Minus 3 Holes

On Thursday, May 5, forty-two ladies played for par points. Winners were as follows:

First Flight: 1. Joann Kim and Claudia Terry tied at 23; 2. Margo Dutton, 22; and 3. Grace Nitta, 19.

Second Flight: Jean Carroll, 20; 2. Peggy Yamada, 18; and 3. Pat Deisem and Helen Choi tied at 17.

Third Flight: 1. Aisoon Hong, 21; 2. Garnet Shelly, 18; 3. Joan Baggett and Pil Choo tied at 16.

Fourth Flight: 1.Mo Mobberly and Shin Kim tied at 15; 2. Nancy Ringelstein and Kathleen Young tied at 14.

Grace Nitta, Claudia Terry, and Peggy Yamada had birdies. Peggy Yamada, Grace Nitta, Joan Baggett and Nikki Balukjian had chip-ins.

On May 12, the 18ers played a forgiving format in which each player could throw out three holes before totaling their score.
Winners were as follows:

First Flight: 1. Janice Davis and Grace Nitta tied; 2. Janet Choi and Setsuko Yusa tied.

Second Flight: 1. Helen Choi; 2. Margo Dutton; 3. Olivia Hsueh, Del Poirier, and Gail Ramirez tied.

Third Flight: 1. Joan Baggett and Pil Choo tied; 2. Karin Romak.

Fourth Flight: 1. Mitzi Weinberg and Kathleen Young tied; 2. Sheri Lenz.

Grace Nitta, Janice Davis, Setsuko Yusa, and Frances Blanchard had birdies; Aster Yamagata and Mo Mobberly had chip-ins.