By Linda Scheffer

The 18ers went out to the ball park to play in their annual Invitational on Thursday, June 16th, with a theme of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” Dressed in the colors of their favorite baseball team, the field of 124 were a colorful group. There was plenty of black and orange among the players.

The field was divided into five flights, with a tournament format of two net best balls of foursome. Players tried their skill in a chipping contest set up on the practice green by Hole One. Claire Wolfe of the Niners chipped in and took home the prize.

Flight winners were as follow:

(1) Kalamazoo Lassies: Pat Diesem, Liz Bathgate, Karin Romack, Barbara Teehan. (pictured above)

(2) Racine Bells: Joan Munn, K.C. Park, Lonita Villalobos, Sharon Digrande.

(3) Springfield Sallies: Soonee Kim, Anne Su, Soonji Jang, Jennifer Kim.

(4) Rockford Peaches: Gratia Kim, Teeko Sagara, Teri Lapierre, Yuko Tsang.

(5) Milwaukee Chicks: Vicki Kelly, Lynn VanLuchene, Margo Somerville, Jackie Seavy.