by Claudia Terry – Club Correspondent

Denise Pratt, the Tournaments chair for the Rossmoor Women’s 18-Hole Golf Club, has been coming up with fun new formats for the members to play. On May 25, a skins game was played in which each flight awarded skins to the player or players who scored unique low net scores on each hole. If anyone else scored the same low net, then no skins were awarded (one tie, all tie), but if someone scored the only net eagle, for instance, on that hole in their flight, they were awarded a skin.

            The sweeps money for each flight was $23 to be split between the various winners of skins. In the first flight, Joanne Kim won three skins, the most in any flight, with her net eagle on hole 4, net birdie on hole 6 and another net birdie on hole 15. Janet Choi won two skins with a net eagle on hole 5 and a net birdie on hole 8. Grace Nitta, Joan Munn and Jayoung Lee also won skins for their net birdies on holes 17, 7 and 9, respectively.

            In the second flight, Okey Ro had a net eagle on hole 10, while Sherry Endicott, Mirna Wong, Agnes Shin and Victoria Kelly all scored net birdies holes 17, 1, 11 and 6, respectively.

            Sarah Ko in the third flight shot a net eagle on hole 18 and a net birdie on hole 9. Lee Shaffer had a net eagle on hole 1. Soonee Kim, Juna Lee and Xuemei Reinhart shot net birdies on holes 16, 11 and 14, respectively. Anna Kim shot a net par on hole 8.

            The fourth flight had the most net eagles with Donna Wagner shooting one each on hole 2 and hole 11, Charlene Gonzalez shooting one on hole 5 and Lola Lantz shooting one on hole 15. Gonzalez also shot a net birdie on hole 12. Sandy Forschler shot a net birdie on hole 6.

            Natural birdies were shot by Joanne Kim on hole 4, Janet Choi, Sue Yoon and Okey Ro on hole 10. Chip-ins were shot by MaryJo Leary on hole 17, Janet Choi and Charlene Gonzalez on hole 10.

            While the skins game was going on at Rossmoor, six 18ers played in the fifth match of the East Bay Team Play season, which took place at Claremont Country Club. Rossmoor was up against the Berkeley Country Club team. Rossmoor’s team ended up splitting the gross points with the opponents, with each team scoring 27 points, but Rossmoor won 28 net points compared to Berkeley’s 26. Rossmoor’s team remains in ninth place in both the gross and net standings.