by Teddi Swanson – Club Correspondent

The Women’s 18-Hole Golf Club had their annual Invitational on May 31 and June 1. This is an event where members invite guests to play and have a fun round of golf hoping to play well enough to win a prize. There were 108 participants who brought the silver screen to light. Each team represented a movie for which they decorated their golf carts and wore golf outfits to replicate the movie they chose to honor. The event began with a social time on Wednesday evening which included a putting contest, closest to the hole on a chip-in and closest to the line shot with a chipping club.

Thursday, June 1st had an 18 hole two best net balls of the foursome.  This year one of the guests of Soonee Kim, Mihee Lee, from Boundary Oak, had her first hole in one on Hole number 14. Congratulations to Ms. Lee.

There were four flights the Comedy Flight, Drama Flight, Documentary Flight and Animation Flight of which each team had the opportunity to win up to third place. The winners were:

Comedy Flight, first place winners were Liz James, Alison Beggs, Cindy Sonstelie and RitaTischler, second place was Judith Coleman-Cohen, Kathy Andrews, Alice Hansen and Junko Nagatani with third place going to Theresa Kim, Angie Kim, Sophia Kim and Terry Hwang. Drama Flight first place went to Soonee Kim, Mihee Lee, Olivia Hsueh and Yeojoo Hwang, second place to Daisy Soo Hoo, Karen Mar, Linda Ingalls and Luisa Farquhar with third going to Ann Hamilton, Dixie Pickup, Rita Fuerst-Adams and Colleen Greenfield. Documentary Flight First place went to Laura Kim, Lalani Rapp, Joan Baggett and Yvonne Perkins, Second place to Pat McSween, Margot Somerville, Vickie Kelly and Debbie Dobbs and Third place to Joanne Ribeiro, Deborah Upshaw, Virginia Lawson and Diana Millado. Animation Flight First place Margo Dutton, Lynda Pritchett, Kay Doyle and Bev Friend. Second place Xuemei Reinhart, Jean Carroll, Tesa Theile and Pat Bringel. Third place went to Deirdre Dunn, Jenna deBoisblanc, Molly Falcione and Leslie Henning.

A delicious lunch, awards and Academy awards were presented. The director of Golf, Mark Heptig and Golf Pro, Jacque Vigil were presented with an Academy Award for Production Design.

The honors also go to MaryJean Kidd and Margo Dutton the Directors, Laura Kim for Visual Effects, Toni Snyder for Costume Design, Mary Jo Leary for Cinematography and Joan Binnings for Original Screen play.