by Claudia Terry – Club Correspondent

On Thursday, March 21, 54 Rossmoor Women’s 18ers played in the first Charm and Eclectic tournament of the season. The Charm is a multi-day low net tournament held six times over the season, culminating in a playoff amongst the six winners for the ultimate Charm prize. The Eclectic is also a multi-day tournament but players are not required to play all six rounds. At the end of the season, the player with the lowest 18-hole score wins, and their score is calculated by using the single lowest score played on each hole over the rounds played.

There were four flights on Thursday with three prizes for low net and one prize for low gross. The winners are: First flight low net first place, Joan Binnings with net 70; second place, Min Ryoo with net 71; third place, Claudia Terry with net 72. First place low gross was Theresa Kim with a score of 90.

Second flight low net first place, Agnes Shin with net 68; second place, Cindy Sonstelie with net 72; third place, Jane Lee with net 75. Low gross winner of the flight was Toni Snyder with a score of 99.

Third flight low net first place, Marsha Jennings with net 70; second place, Del Poirier with net 75; third place, Lana Yagle with net 77. Low gross went to Nancy Park with a score of 103.

The Charm winner came out of the fourth flight. Sarah Ko shot a net 67. Second place in the fourth flight was Pat Johnson with net 70, and third low net was Jean Wright with 75. The low gross winner was Anna Kim with a score of 107.

Chip-ins were shot by Daisy Soo Hoo on Hole 4, Theresa Kim on Hole 5, Sonstelie on Hole 12, Joan Weinstein on Hole 15, Andrea Alpine and Mae Marcotte on Hole 18.

Birdies were shot by Yagle on Hole 5, Wright and Jennings on Hole 16.

Congratulations to the first Charm winner of the season.