RMGC 4-Ball Tournament is a Success

Give the RMGC membership a golf format they enjoy, blend in perfect weather with golf courses in immaculate condition and 114 RMGC players gave a “thumbs up” in Aloha fashion to the new event offered in 2016. The newly created format was 2 net best balls of a 4 person team. Using 90% of each players handicap, the format allowed every player a chance to support their teams scoring efforts, while lessening the impact of a
high score by one player.

Both the Dollar and Creekside courses were utilized for the March 30 event. The Dollar course play was from the white tees for golfers with a handicap under 25. A player with a handicap above 25 played from the gold tees. Due to the tireless efforts of Blake Swint’s greens crew, this was the first 2016 tournament played with “summer rules”- meaning no player was allowed to “bump” the ball.

Brent Mulanax, the pro shop staff liaison to the tournament committee created 4 equally competitive flights for the Dollar course competition, with a 1 flight grouping for the Creekside 9 hole competition.

After a flavorful lunch at the event center, provided by Creekside Grill, Brent Mulanax announced the flight winners and their respective pro shop credits winnings to an appreciative RMGC audience.

Dollar Course Flight winners were:
Flight 1 with a score of 125- Dan Gonzalez, Jack Meng, Jim Pingatore and Bart Moore.
Flight 2 with a score of 125- Bob Montgomery, Dickey Nitta, Richard Fuller and Rodger Davis
Flight 3 with a score of 116- Choong Kim, Jae Shin, Seung Hong, and Simon Park.
Flight 4 with a score of 119- Bruce Hicks, Darrell Webb, Jim McNamara, and Jerry Mikuls.

Creekside Flight winners with a score of 59 were: Rich Mohr, Bob Greeno, Fred Burkart and Arnold Wong.