by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent
The 2018 season was launched on Thursday, February 8 with 70 ladies in attendance at the Event Center.  There were sign-up sheets for team play, open days, birdie and eclectic club.  A delicious array of sandwiches catered by Moruccis’s was enjoyed by the group.  
Mark Heptig, Director of Golf reported on methods that Blake Swint, Golf Course Maintenance Supervisor and his staff use to save water.  Mulch was added to many of the out of play areas, 175 sprinklers heads were removed. With the new water saving improvements, a total of 3.7 million gallons of water was saved last year.
Chris Andres, Golf Pro, emphasized the importance of speed of play.  He encouraged members to be ready to hit the ball in 20 seconds by the time a player walks up to the ball.   Here are some of his time saving tips:  Get off the cart and walk to ball, don’t wait for cart partner, bring correct clubs with you, line up putt while other players are putting and watch for other player’s balls.  
A special thanks was given to Mark and this staff for all that they do for the golfers.
Joan Munn, Captain, presided over the general meeting.  She thanked Linda Ingalls and Del Poirier for organizing event and Jacky Dunn and Judy Fletcher for arranging the table center pieces.  Joan introduced the Chairs of the various committees and each Chair gave a brief report.  
Janice Davis, Rossmoor’s representative for the Women’s Golf Association of Northern California (WGANC), reported that the future of the WGANC is still transient.  Discussions are ongoing and she is hopeful for positive news. Davis is proud that Rossmoor has good representation at the WGANC meetings.  She announced that one of our members, Sally Tomlinson, was awarded the USGA Isaac B. Grainger Award for her 25 years of volunteer service to the association.  Sally shared details of her all-expense-paid trip to Miami Beach, Florida. and was recognized for her many years of service during a gala dinner at the USGA Annual Meeting.  She was amazed to see a large-size poster of herself when she walked into the dining room.  PGA golfer, Nick Price and his wife were sitting at her table.  The USGA will be sending her the keepsake poster.  
Janet Kinney, 2018 Invitational Chair, announced that the June 14th event, Around The World In 18 Holes is in the planning stage.  The entry fee will be $100 and members can invite up to three guests.  Sign-ups will be available In May. More information will be disbursed once details are finalized.  
Marcia Belcher, Tournament Chairwoman, reviewed instructions for Thursday Play. Sign-up sheets are available in advance in a binder located in the Bulletin Board area of the Pro Shop.  Members are to check in at the Pro Shop counter 30 minutes before tee time. 
Joyce McCann, Rules Chair, announced that there will be rule changes next year.  The annual Rules Seminar for members will be held Monday, April 30. Members of the Niners will also be invited. 
Claudia Terry, Website and Handicap Chairwomen, gave a brief review of the website.  She also mentioned that her Handicap committee meets monthly to comply with the USGA handicap system.
Mary Hufford, Golf Advisory Chair, asked members to contact her if there are any issues that they want addressed at the monthly committee meetings.
Myra Belfiore, Membership Chair, introduced new member Joan Weinstein.  There are a total of 120 members with five new members.
Jean Carroll, Diablo Valley Team Play Chairwomen, encouraged members with a 24 or less handicap to sign up for team tournaments.  
Robin Moreau, East Bay Team Play Chair, needs golfers with a 36 or less handicap for team tournaments.  
Olivia Hsueh,  Tournament Co-Chair, reminded members of the proper way to handle the flagsticks on the greens.  Each flag has a sensor on the top of the stick that detects GPS devices.  The flag should not be dropped on the green, it needs to be gently lowered onto the green to avoid damage to the sensor.
The launch party was a great success and those in attendance had a good time reconnecting with their golf friends and meeting new members.