On Wednesday, Aug 8, 2018 22 two man teams teed it up on Dollar Ranch to compete in the 6x6x6 tournament. This tournament is composed of 6 holes played as a scramble, 6 holes as best ball net, and the infamous 6 holes where the two players alternate shots until the ball is holed out. The 22 teams were divided into 3 flights – Flight 1 had 8 teams, Flight 2 and 3 had 7 teams each. On the Creekside course the Creekside tournament was 9 holes playing 3 as a scramble, 3 as best ball net and 3 as alternate shot. 5 teams competed in this flight.

Left to Right – Winners of the First Flight Dallas Amos and Harry Laiolo and Winners of the Second Flight Simon Park and Robert Thomson

Left to Right – Winners of the Third Flight Bruce Hicks and Don Louistalet and Winners of the Creekside Flight Bob Wright and Jim Bombardier

First Flight: Bart Moore and Dan Gonzalez were second, Darrell Webb and Jim McCann third, Chuck Leong and Jim Pingatore fourth and Ed O’Dea and Don Terry fifth.

Second Flight: Mark Weiss and James Soohoo were second, Keith Hansen and Bryan Burnett third, Burke Ferrari and Bob Smith fourth and Chuck Benson and Kevin McCullough fifth.

Third Flight: Tancred Agius and George Bodnar were second, Bill Herrick and Dick Hurley third, Pang Man and Ping Tse fourth and Colin Ferrett and Al Anderson fifth.

Creekside Flight: Rene Herrerias and Tom Hannon were second and Bob Greeno and Bill Knapp third.

Stan Geddon and his staff put on a great spread for lunch for all the player at the event center. RMGC wishes to thank Stan as well as Mark Heptig and Bruce Mulanax for making this tournament such a success.