Run date April 1, 2015 Submitted by Alice Sprague Alice Sprague
Club Correspondent

A “gimme” can best be defined as an agreement between two golfers, neither of whom can putt very well (unknown author). There were no “gimmes” in the Rossmoor Womens 18ers low putt tournament held on March 19th. Agnes Shin was the outright winner with a low putt total of 29. The runner-up was Nancy Groswird with 31 putts for the round.

Second place was shared by Rena Snyder, Del Poirier, Anna Kim, Olivia Hsueh and Aileen Choi with 32 putts each.

In third place were Jane Lee, Dorothy Mizono and Janet Choi with 33 putts each.
In fourth place were Claudia Terry, Pat Taylor, Kay Doyle, Diane Matoney, Teddi Swason, Rosalie Devlin and Deanna Leong with 34 putts each.

Chip-ins were as follows: Juna Lee #1, Diane Matoney #4, Betty Bowles #14, Agnes Shin #17 and Del Poirier #18.

Aileen Choi had a birdie on #4 and Agnes Shin birdied #17.