Submitted by: Linda Scheffer
Date to run: July 30, 2014

Classic Tournament Challenges 18er Partners
The 18ers’ played the final round of the annual Classic Tournament last Thursday. The golfers paired up with partners and played net best ball of twosome in two rounds of 18 holes each. The best balls of partners for both rounds were added for the final tournament score.

The field was divided into three flights. After play the players gathered at Dollar Clubhouse. Barbecue hamburgers, chips, and dessert, prepared by Dickey Nitta and Rodger Davis, awaited the ladies.

Director of Golf Mark Heptig and Classic Tournament Chair Pat Taylor did the scoring and Mark announced the lucky winners. Captain Del Poirier chaired a brief general meeting following lunch and awards.

The overall winners of this year’s Classic, having the best score of all three flights, were Agnes Shin and Betty Cuniberti with a two-day net score of 123. Flight winners are below.

Flight 1 First: Mary Hufford, Olivia Hsueh, 129; Second: Claudia Terry, Grace Nitta, 130; Third: Janet Choi, Soonee Kim 132; Fourth: Juna Lee, Nancy Park, 134.

Flight 2 Four teams came in all tied at the top with scores of 132. The pro shop followed USGA tie procedures and arrived at the following results. First: Helen Chung, Linda Scheffer; Second: Karen Romak, Kay Doyle; Third: Aisoon Hong, Peggy Yamada; Fourth: Teddi Swanson, Vanida Nalamlieng.

Flight 3 First: Lore Cuttle, Teruko Lapierre, 127; Second: Bari Mantel, Robin Moreau, 130; Third: Joyce Brock, Marilyn Treppa, 135; Fourth: Carol Dickerson, Dorothy Mizono, 139.