by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent

Thirty Six 18ers members played the Terrible Twos tourney on May 2nd.

Players subtracted their two worst holes from their scorecard and used the remaining 16 holes as their score.  After subtracting their handicaps for a net score the winners were:

First flight:  first place Joanne Kim net 51, second place Joan Baggett net 54, third place Peggy Yamada net 56 and fourth place Sue Yoon net 57.
Second flight:  first place Joanne Brennan net 53, second place Mary Ann Higgins net 55, third place Robin Moreau net 57 and fourth place Toni Snyder net 59.
One chip in was made by Robin Moreau on hole number 9.  Birdies were made by Olivia Hsueh on hole number 1, Sue Yoon on hole number 4, Teddi Swanson on hole number 10 and Ja Young Lee on hole number 13.

Save the dates for the upcoming Handicap Tournament:  May 16, 21 and 23 and the Invitational Tournament on June 13.