by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent

The Rossmoor Women’s 18ers and guest enjoyed a wonderful day on the course playing the 27th Jus Golf Invitational on June 13th with a field of 84 players.  Invitational Chairwomen Gail Ramirez and Del Poirier ran the event with the assistance of Toni Snyder, Joanne Brennan, Carole Geoghegan, Marcia Belcher, Nancy Ringelstein, and Rosalie Devlin.
Frank Quallen and his team of Ambassadors Rich Fuller, Chuck Leong, Jim Marshall, John McDonnell, Marc Raynor, Howard Reid, Jim Graham and Dick Walsh greeted and assisted guests with their golf bags.
18ers got a chance to catch up with guests with a delicious breakfast at Creekside before heading out to the practice area.  
Lunch was served at the Event Center after play.  Cocktails were served by Michael Oakey and Harry Laiolo.  
Toni Snyder worked hard soliciting sponsors and gave a special thanks to Atria Senior Living, Rossmoor Realty, Byron Park, Comcast Xfinity, Julia Lee DDS, Honda of Walnut Creek, VIP Golf Cart Service, Bowl Ventura Winery.  The sponsors had nice giveaways for the players at their booths and their contributions made it possible for a very special day. A special thanks to Agnes Shin for the lovely food baskets that were raffled to players.
The format for the day was two best balls of four, all players that participated were awarded prizes.  Below are some highlights of the flight winners:
First flight:  first place team of Soonee Kim, Sara Yu, Yung Seon Yi, and Yong Chon net 117,  second place team of Gail Ramirez, Christine Seely, Nancy Briest and Lucy Brennan net 122, third place team of Daisy Soo Hoo, Toni Snyder, Karen Mar and Mae Marcotte net 122
Second flight:  first place team of Denise Pratt, Pauline Gibson, Maura Mendoza and Susan Lindholm net 122, second place team of Del Poirier, Joanne Brennan, Carroll Martin and Rita Steele net 126, third place team of Agnes Shin, Betty Cuniberti, Joanne Kim and Jennifer Kim net 127
Third flight:  first place team of Marcia Belcher, Helen Chung, Louise Chien, Dongdong Dong net 122, second place team of Myra Belfiore, Garnet Shelly, Danette Magilligan and Carole Whiting net 125, third place team of Pat Deisem, Karin Romak, Carole Austin and Shannon Mader net 127
There were three holes designated for the closest to the pin contest.  Below are the results:
Hole two 18er winners:   first place Helen Chung five feet three inches, second place Sue Yoon nine feet two inches.  Hole two guest winners:  first place Sarah Kim eight feet ten inches, second place Becky Frazier nine feet eight inches.
Hole four 18er winners:  first place Joanne Brennan five feet five inches, second place Lynda Pritchett sixteen feet six inches.  Hole four guest winners:  first place Christy Hebetz seven feet eleven inches, second place Denise Benger eight feet.
Hole sixteen winner:  Robin Moreau thirty five feet four inches.   Hole sixteen guest winner:  Denise Benger seventeen feet six inches, second place Sara You thirty feet thirty one inches.
There was also an accuracy drive contest, players that got closest to the line on hole number 13 were awarded a prize. 18ers first place winner Agnes Shin’s ball was 14 inches to the line and second place winner Karin Romak’s ball was 19 inches to the line.
Guest winners:  first place Maura Mendoza’s ball was two inches to the line and Laurie Krelle’s ball was was nine inches to the line.
All players received a golf accessory bag filled with a sleeve of golf balls, ball marker and tees.  
Special appreciation for Mark Heptig, Brent Mulanax, and the pro shop staff for their assistance with the event.
Congratulations to Ramirez and Poirier for a fun and well-run invitational and thanks to all that helped to make it a very successful invitational.