by Claudia Terry – Club Correspondent


On Thursday, Nov. 9, five Charm winners from the 2023 season and one runner-up played in the Charm Playoff (the sixth winner was unable to play so the runner-up was invited to fill in). At the end of the round, there was a tie for first place with both Jane Lee and Agnes Shin scoring a net 73. The card-off, however, gave the prize to Shin with her score of net 35 on the back nine to Lee’s net 37. A very close tie indeed. Third place in the Charm flight went to Claudia Terry with a net 74. Congratulations to the 2023 Charm Champion Shin.

The rest of the field played a low net tournament with four flights. Winners were as follows. First flight first place went to Grace Nitta with the lowest score of the day, a net 66. Second place went to Olivia Hsueh with a net 76 and third place went to Joan Binnings with a net 77.

Second flight first place went to Ann Hamilton with a net 72, second place went to Laura Kim with a net 76 and third place went to Joan Baggett with a net 77.

The third flight had a three-way tie with Esta Podberesky, Gail Ramirez and Denise Pratt all scoring a net 73, but after the card-off, first place went to Podberesky with a back nine net score of 34 compared to Ramirez’s and Pratt’s net 36.

The fourth flight had a two-way tie with MaryJean Kidd and Sandy Forschler both shooting a net 75, but Kidd’s back nine net of 34 beat out Forschler’s net 36. Third place went to Teddi Swanson with a net 77. Congratulations to all flight winners in the second-to-last tournament of the 2023 season.

Birdies were shot by Nitta on hole 2,  Judy Leckonby on hole 4 (a chip-in birdie), Terry on hole 13 and Hsueh on hole 16. The one chip-in for the money pool was shot by the lucky Pat McSween on hole 11. Big bucks will be going to McSween for her chip-in.