by Teddi Swanson – Club Correspondent

Round 4 of the Charm Day competition was won by Agnes Shin who shot a fabulous round with a gross score of 88 and net score of 64.  Agnes will be competing with the other women who have won the Charm Day rounds for the annual Charm Day Championship which will be held on November 9th.  Thursday’s tournament had a field of 59 participants on a beautiful weather day.  The Charm 4 winners by Flight were: Flight 1, Agnes Shin 1st and overall winner, Grace Nitta 2nd with Jayoung Lee 3rd. Flight 2 winners were Cindy Barni 1st, Elizabeth James 2nd and Mirna Wong 3rd.  Flight 3 winners were Soonee Kim 1st, June Lee 2nd and Robin Moreau 3rd.  Fourth flight winners were Virginia Lawson 1st, MaryAnn Higgins 2nd and Donna Wagner 3rd.  Birdies were made by: Jayoung Lee on 10, Marlene Seffern on 16, Grace Nitta on 2, Ann Hamilton on 10, Sophia Kim on 10 and 16 and Joan Billings on 13.  Chip-ins were made by Teddi Swanson on 17, Ann Hamilton on 18, Theresa Kim on 18, Joan Baggett on 16 and Barb Musante on 18.  The 18 Hole Women’s club is very thankful for the wonderful coaching and tutoring by Jacque Vigil their Golf Pro.  The next golf event will be on Thursday, August 3 and 11. This event is the annual Classic Tournament. In this Classic Tournament the women Pair up for the two-day competition.