by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent

The Rossmoor 18er members (48) played the fifth Charm and Eclectic event on October 15.  Anna Kim scored a low net of 67 for the field and wins the charm girl event.   She will receive a charm towel and will also be eligible to play in the playoff with the other charm winners.
Congratulations Anna!
Here are the results:
First flight:  first place Sue Yoon net 69, Joanne Kim net 72, Olivia Hsueh net 74 and Grace Nitta net 76.  Second flight:  first place Ann Hamilton net 71, Toni Snyder net 72, Esta Podberesky net 75 and Juna Lee net 76.  Third flight:  first place Anna Kim net 67, Aisoon Hong net 73, Gail Ramirez net 75 and Sherry Endicott net 76.  Fourth flight:  first place Mitzi Weinberg net 68 (won tie breaker), second place Jean Carroll net 68, Judy Fletcher net 74 and Stella Chan net 76.
Birdies were hit by:  Patty Frazer and Kazu Takesaka hole 2,  Sue Yoon and Robin Moreau hole 4, Grace Nitta holes 4 and 10, Joanne Kim hole 6, Ann Hamilton hole 10, Janet Choi, Olivia Hsueh and Claudia Terry hole 13, Agnes Shin and Sherry Endicott hole 16.
Chip-ins were made by:  Mitzi Weinberg holes 7 and 8, Toni Snyder hole 14 and Donna Wagner hole 18.
There is one more Charm and Eclectic event October 29 and the charm playoff is scheduled for November 5.